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WTB: iMac G3

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Sutekidane, Jul 18, 2006.

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    Hi, I'm in the market for some G3 CRT iMacs.
    I don't care the revision but I want them to be in good, working condition and with a keyboard and mouse. I can pay only through paypal.

    PM me if you're interested! :-D
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    baby duck monge

    You have a price in mind for a 500MHz Indigo Blue iMac with (I believe) a 20 or 30GB HD and 256MB RAM? Great condition, and with Apple keyboard and mouse. PM or post here with offers.

    After some looking, I think it's the Indigo version of the Summer 2001 iMac with a 20GB HD and CD-RW (no DVD). If you're interested, I can get more details from my parents (I gave it to them when I upgraded, but I am about to donate my Mini to them so it's not necessary to keep it anymore).
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    I am interested. What ballpark range were you expecting, including shipping?
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    baby duck monge

    Well I would need to consult with my parents (and see if they would be willing to ship it since I won't be back there until next month). That being said, probably around $160 unless shipping is a lot more than I think it would be.
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    I have an iMac G3 (purchased summer 2001) Indigo, 500 Mhz, 20 GB HD, 128 MB RAM, CD-RW, that i may or may not be able to sell (depending on if my mom or someone else wants to take it.)
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    Ah, that's a bit higher than I'd like to spend. Thanks anyway. :)
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    Just wanted to say I got a 233mhz today for $40 from a pawn shop. So maybe give a few call that are local and see what they have. I know another one down the street had two more, so that might be a place to find one local. Also craigslist is always full of them...
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    Yeah, i agree with the craigslist idea. If you don't care about speed or condition, i have seen people giving away the bondi blues (sometimes not in working condition) for free.
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    I purchased 333 for $50, i then upgraded the memory to 512 the system runs really fast. I also have a 350 mhz.

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