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WTB: iPhone or iPod Touch UK/US

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by gazfocus, Feb 18, 2008.

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    I am looking to buy an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

    The iPhone will need to be a UK model (as I'm from UK) and preferrably unlocked to all networks so I can use it on Orange.

    The iPod Touch can be either from UK or US and can either be 8GB or 16GB (I will even consider 32GB).

    If you have anything you can offer, let me know. Thanks
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    I have a brand new 16GB im tempted to sell. I say its brand new- I've been using it, but i've put cling film over the bak so it has no scratches, and it's also in an iskin. Still has cover on the screen. Boxed etc, latest software (not mail etc though).
    Will sell for the right price. How much are you looking to spend? Was hoping to get £210ish incl pnp.
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    Hi. If you'd be willing to put the January update on within that price, I'd be interested. Thanks
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    Would you be paying by paypal? Cos sending that much by paypal would cost me a good £5, possibly more in paypal fees. Let me know, then I'll decide. (it's mac formatted so you know)
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    Hi. I have been offered a brand new and sealed one for £190 but thanks anyway.
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    i have a sealed one as well..

    16GB ipod touch,

    I'll sell you this one for around 183GPB +3% paypal... shipped..

    how does that sound?

    I've been a verified member of paypal for about 4 years now with 25 points.

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    8Gb iphone here,PM if interested,open to all networks
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    Just PM'd you
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    iPod Touch 8 GB like new.
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    Hi, Im currently selling a 16GB iPod Touch in pristine condition

    If your interested still???

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    I am looking to get rid of my 8GB iPhone. Good condition, all accessories...
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    Have PM'd you all :)
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    I have a sealed 8GB iPhone - what's your price range?
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    I have a 16gb itouch with a full body invisible shield and a charger that can charge 2 usb devices at once. I can send the IS back so you get a new one to install. for $310.00 shipped
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    Thanks. I have looked on ebay US, and they seem to be more than I thought to be honest (some in the region of $425). With the iPhone 3G coming out in the UK on PrePay (Pay as you go), I might wait as I can't see it being much more.

    Let me know and idea of your price.
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    i have a 8g iphone has a case and screen protector sense day one how much would you like to buy it for you can unlock it as well because this one is the 2g iphone the 3g iphone will not be able to be unlocked
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    Where are you from? Do you have a price in mind?
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    i have a iphone 8g i think i told u tho
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    Still looking for iPod Touch?

    I lowered my asking offer since we PM'd!
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    Anyone here still interested in getting rid of an 8gb iPhone?

    If so, PM me!
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    PM Sent.

    I have an 8GB iPhone in new condition. No marks/scratches. Comes with Apple In Ear headphones instead of the original headphones. £220 shipped. PM me if anyone is interested.

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