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WTB ipod parts or broken ipod (4th gen includeing photo) (UK)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Mord, Jul 16, 2006.

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    ideally i'd like a photo with a broken HD but anything to get my 3rd gen working again would be great, the headphone socket bit has broken, i tried repairing i but everything i do and patch up does not change it's complete lack of working,

    so i either want the backmetal bit of a 3rd gen ipod (complete with working cable ect.


    a complete ipod with a broken HD for a 4th gen ipod, either with color screen or without, as long as the only thing wrong is the HD, as i can just put the 20GB drive from my 3rd gen in their.
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    I have a 4th gen 20gb iPod without a hard drive and the 3rd gen backplate with audio jack. Let me know which one you want.
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    can you give ballpark figures and pics?
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    I also have a 4th gen iPod (BW screen) with all of its bits incl. dock but no working hard-drive. And I'm in London... make me an offer. :D
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    if it's a 20GB size one ( the 40's are too big, my HD would flap about)

    then about 30 for the ipod sans HD 10 for the 3rd gen back plane
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    Nah, it's a 40gb one. :(
    And it's in fairly good nick too.
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    just noticed you dident list a location, shipping is fairly cheep but remember the offers i quote are in pounds £1=$1.84
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    Thanks. Will look at that... it's the MK4006GAH which is the 4th gen model which are not sold brand-new anymore...

    You're a student, right? I'd pay you in hard cash to source a reliable drive and repair my iPod for me. :)

    I'd even consider a MK6006GAH for that yummy 60gb goodness.
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    I can do $35 shipped for the 3rd gen back plate and audio and for the 4th gen without the drive I can do $90. Both prices include shipping.
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    Lets meet in the middle of both of them and do either $80 or $28 shipped.

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