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WTB: PC Motherboard

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by ITASOR, Jul 24, 2005.

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    Yeah....I'm kinda in need of a PC motherboard for my aunt's PC.

    To make a long story short, smelt burning, heatsink fan had died, processor=fried, melted processor socket, attached to mobo.

    I'm not sure about how mobo's work. Will any newish motherboard fit in the computer? I tried to take a really old PII mobo out of a computer and replace it, but it had like a different powerbutton connector to the mobo and everything looked different. I've replace mobo's before with the same model, so that won't be hard, just wondering what kinda I need.

    Right now it has:

    AMD something
    256MB RAM (always was registering in properties as 128...maybe 128 graphics?)

    The processor has "Foxcom" written all over it. The cpu heatsink was HUGE with a even HUGER fan attached to it. Then to top this all off, the side of the case had this huge tube that was resting on the fan to direct all the air out of the case. The PC was made by Northgate and was like the Staples special or something. Warranty is long gone, as Northgate went out of business.

    So this isn't only a WTB thread, it's kinda an advice thread, and then I may want to buy something. I don't have a lot of money to spend, if someone has an older one that will work laying around, I can pay for shipping to NY. That would be awesome.

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    Capt Underpants

    So you want to buy a motherboard that will fit her current processor, right? In that case, you'll need to know what processor it is. It will most likely require a socket-A motherboard, but it would be comforting to know for certain before we go off suggesting motherboards and what not.
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    Hehehe...the processor=dead. The heatsink fan died and the processor and plastic processor socket=melted. I can't even take the processor out, it's melted in.
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    i have a 1GHZ celeron with 512mb ram (1 stick) an ethernet card and sount card and radeon 7000 w/ 64mb Vram.
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    Hmm 1Ghz Celeron is a little older and almost exactly what I was thinking of. How do I know if it will work in her PC though? I have it right here so if needed I can tell you measurements or something.

    Is the celeron a whole PC or just the mobo?

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    Capt Underpants

    OK so you're looking to buy a new motherboard and processor. If this is the case, then we have alot of options. Depending on what RAM that computer used, you might end up having to buy a different type of RAM (DDR vs. SDRAM).

    Now I'm not an expert on what connections a power supply has, but I do know that lately the number of pins on one of the motherboard plugs has gone from 24 to 20 pins. Depending on which connector your power supply has, and what motherboard you choose, you might need to get a 20-24 pin adapter.
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    Her computer does have onboard video, so I'll need something with onboard video or a graphics card too. Onboard is probably cheaper, so I'd rather have that.

    Does anyone know if I do get this working, can I boot off the HD with XP Home, or will it error and complain?
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    I think I have a complete motherboard with a 1.8 GHz Celeron laying around here.
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    Cool! That would be a good one.

    Ok, so I plugged the PC in and started it to see if maybe something could give me a clue and here's what happens:

    Smells like something is burning, then starts smoking, then power supply shuts off. (this all happens in about 2 full seconds)

    Took processor out and started up. Starts up fine, fans keep running, sounds like computer is running.

    Put processor in, started up quick then turned off. Took processor out fast and it smells burnt.

    Could it be that I just need the new processor, heatsink, and fan?

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    It's possible, but if there is damage to the ZIF socket, you're better off just snagging everything new.. Just grab a cheap board (I reccomend an AMD-based ASUS Board), a Semperon Processor and a stick of decent memory (low end mushkin or corsair). the whole setup will be twice as fast as what she had, and all for around $200.

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    Hmm yeah. The whole PC was only around $200, so I don't think she wants to spend too much, especially with the option of a cheap DELL.
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    Try Tiger Direct. They have good prices and rebates. :)
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    NOOOOOOO!!!!! At least introduce her to the idea of an eMac or a Mac mini!
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    While we (I) are on the subject of Tiger Direct, I happened to find something that may interest you.....linkety
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    The problem with a PII motherboard is whether it is an AT style or an ATX style. If it is not an ATX style motherboard and case, it is useless to try and swap in any relatively new motherboard, because the power and the back panel layout will be incompatible. (Google for the differences) Just pick up a barebones machine (case, motherboard, power supply and CPU as a package) and swap in the drives from the old machine.

    The RAM on a new motherboard is also most likely to be different from the existing RAM.
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    Already did, and she wants a Mini, but she needs to run business programs (car dealer) that can only run on a PC.

    I think I'm just going to sell the parts of this thing on ebay and give her the money.
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    i could just flat out sell the computer i listed in the case, so no worry about the motherboard fitting and everything, i would say for around 250
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    can you take a picture of the inside of the case so we can identify it as ATX micro ATX or a weird propreitary mobo.

    otherwise buy her an ebay mac mini from ebay when the updates come.
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    Melted AMD. Thats not good. :(
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    I have an AMD PC with a 1.8ghz processor (I think it's that fast I have to check but that number is jumping at me, no RAM (Takes DDR) or video but it has PCI and AGP slots) It has a case too and it seems to work great when I had some RAM and a HD with Windows 2000 in it.

    Maybe I'll take one of my hard drives that aren't selling and pop it in there and barrow RAM from my PC just to test it if your interested. :D
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    It's a standard ATX. And she can't use a Mac for her programs, sorry.
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    Now I'm not too sure if it's ATX or not. The dimensions are 9.5x8.5, 9.5 being up and down and 8.5 being left to right.

    If anyone could give me some clues as to figure out what type it is, that would be awesome too.

    Here's a rough picture:


    Thanks everyone!

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