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WTB: Powerbook G3 Upgrades

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Daedalus256, Dec 26, 2005.

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    Alright I've been waiting on a guy to contact me about getting some upgrades for a G3 Powerbook and he hasn't said a damn thing in like over a month. So! I'm turning to you guys in hopes of getting my G3 Pbook fixed up.

    It's currently a G3 266mhz w/ 128MB of RAM and a 10GB HD. I'd like to upgrade the processor to something a little faster and maybe double the RAM.

    Anyone willing to sell me any of this stuff for a decent price? You can just post here, contact me on AIM or email me. Thanks in advance.
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    INO this is a little off topic, but the powerbook in your sig is actually a REV C i believe, there was a 867mhz then a 1GHZ then a 1.33GHZ etc.
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    not sure what the wallstreet takes but i've got a 256mb high profile and a 64mb low profile both pc 100 144 pin i pulled from pismo when i replaced them with 2/512mb . . . .if it'll help make an offer or pm
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    I think that would work in a Wallstreet (The 256MB stick). Although I've heard on LowEndMac that the highest a wallstreet can take is 192mb, although people have gotten them up to 512. How does this work anyway?
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    I have a floppy and a disk drive for the PowerBook G3 WallStreets. PM me if interested.
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    daedalus i don't know how or if it would work but i do know that the 512mb pc133 boards i installed were the same physical size as the lo-pro 64mb original bottom board made this old 400mhz g3 like a new machine it'll run right with my buddy's g4 emac and i can take it with me anywhere . . . . . according to some articles the wallstreet & pismo are pretty much the same under the hood . . .oops keyboard so i'm guessing you have 2 64mb boards in there the hi-pro 256mb should go in the top slot without problem whether the machine will recognize it your guess is as good or better than mine check your systemprofiler and see what is where
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    I believe he did not ask for those. :rolleyes: ;)
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    Doesn't really mean you have to be some sort of ass about it. The disk drive actually sounded interesting.
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    I wasn't trying to be an ass, I was simply stating something. Sorry Daedalus.
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    wtf? He said WTB: PowerBook G3 upgrades. I had some and if he was interested, he could PM me. If you don't have anything that will bring good to the sale, then don't post. What are you trying to do? Up your post count? He didn't say those parts only. :rolleyes:

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    hey don't knock floppies, i bought one of the VST fdd's for this thing (pismo) OS X 10.4 will still recognize the drive, only reason for buying it was that it was cheaper than replacing sony mavica camera and for transfering some system 9 files and apps from my old frankenmac clone . . . . . . iirc those listed new for either $299 or $399 now you get 'em for less than $30 delivered they also will work w/superdisk floppies . . . . i guess it all depends on one's individual situation whether to call it an upgrade
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    Well I'm still looking for some parts. If anyone has something let me know. I've gotten a couple of PMs about RAM but I'd really like a processor upgrade if anyone has one.

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