WTB: Powerbook Memory and a mac

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by Super20, Jul 20, 2005.

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    I am doing some video editing on my 1.5mhz 15" Powerbook and when I bought it I only had 2 - 256mb chips put in. DUH! So now I am crying, wishing I had put more in. I'd like to get up to a gig...so maybe 2 - 512mb chips? If you have something, PM me.

    Since no one wanted my PC (or wanted to trade for it....even though most of those things are still for sale on here) I am just going to ask that if you have a higher end G3 tower or a lower end G4 tower that you want to get rid of, please PM me with what you have. I have about $170 to spend (yeah for ebay auctions!).

    Thanks for the help
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    Again....lots of macs for sale on the board....no one wants to deal? Someone must have something I'm looking for and just wants to get rid of it out of their already crowded office.
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    man i cant even give you a broken ibook for $170
    you could prob get a b&w g3 around 300mhz for that price and maby a 40gb hd

    if i run across anything i will let you know
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    Stock Blue and White G3s go for $50-$70 on ebay and you can get a G4 upgrade card for about $100.
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    dont forget that is w/o shippping
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    i have a 512 stick for sale. $60 shipped.
    from a new powerbook
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    I have 2 G3's for sale.


    PM me if interested.
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    Still really looking for memory for my powerbook. I just paid $45 shipped for 512mb and I know most of it goes for about the same on here. Someone has got to have some to get rid of somwhere.
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    Still looking for a stick of 512 memory for my Powerbook G4. Come on folks....help a guy out here.
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