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WTB: Stuff for G4 AGP Graphics model

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Super20, Jul 21, 2006.

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    I have a G4 "AGP Graphics" model. I got this for free from my brother and would like to try and make this my main computer for now (trying to rid myself of the microsoft devil). Right now I have a PowerPC 500mhz chip in it, 419 meg of ram (taking up 3 slots). Do you guys have anything that I can add to this to make it a little better machine? Maybe some "normal" ram chips that don't take up 3 slots, or an graphics card upgrade, or some sort of processor upgrade, or maybe a cd drive upgrade? Anything! Of maybe just point me in the right direction. Tell me what I need to get and send me off to ebay. Thanks for the help. If this was a pc, I would know right what to look for.
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    my fiance had the same model G4 that he upgraded (see my sig).

    for the processor (they're expensive, though), we went with this one. they also have a dual processor, if you'd be intereted in that.

    for the optical drive upgrade, any of these should work.

    edit: for RAM upgrades, newegg has a few, such as these.

    good luck!
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    Ryan T.

    Those RAM upgrades are not compatible in G4's. Those are laptop RAM (so-Dimms), G4's require desktop RAM. Also, be aware your machine won't recognize any hard drive over ~130GB without a costly ATA controller card. That's an OS limitation.
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    edited my link.

    you can, however, add multiple smaller drives to get more space. right now, the G4 I have has 3.
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    Minor nit, it's actually a drive controller limitation...the same OS with Quicksilver 2002's or newer can recognize it. Either way, this is correct; the majority of AGP Macs have this issue.
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    I could part out my system to you, I have a Dual 500mhz processor, 2 512mb ram sticks, and a Geforce FX 5200 (core image compatible). Let me know if your interested, I'd sell all of those parts as a package. We can work out a price in PMs.

    I am verified by paypal and have plenty of feedback on ebay and numerous forums.
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    If you are going to get stuff for it I would recommend www.macsales.com, they will have the RAM, HDs, and Optical drives that will work with your machine. NewEggs Mac support is not great at all. Plus they have configuration tools to select the right stuff!
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    baby duck monge

    Is this currently part of a working system? If so, have you considered selling it as-is? If so, for how much? :D
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    It's part of a fully functional system. 80 gig hard drive. PM me an offer
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    Upgrading an older machine is usually a good idea but, think of it this way. How much money are you going to put into the machine, is it worth it? Or is it worth it putting towards a newer, faster machine? If it's not that much of a difference you might even consider looking towards a used G4 Mac Mini or even an Intel Mac Mini.

    The thing is, no matter how fast of a CPU upgrade you put in, or how much additional RAM you add the G4 tower the bus speed will still be a slow 100mhz. It's your choice but, just thought I'd bring that up since that is what stopped me from upgrading my G4 450 AGP tower. Of course if your Mac G4 suites your needs now and you don't need that much of an upgrade I guess that's fine for you. Just my advise :)
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    So can I put just any optical drive in there? I have a pioneer DVD drive that will read dvds and burn cd-r. Will that work in it? Here's a question that I know always get's asked. I have an AMD 1.2ghz PC. How does that stack up against my 500mhz PowerPC? i know it's hard to compare the two, but are they pretty equal in strength? Please don't laugh at me. It's 2:48am and I have no idea why I'm still awake (got addicted to watching some TLC fix-it-up show...that's why!).
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    The optical drive should work if it is supported by Mac OS X. It doesn't hurt to try, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work it won't break anything. The AMD 1.2ghz PC machine is faster than this 500mhz G4 if they were both running their latest OS. The 500mhz G4 may be pretty speedy in Mac OS 9 but, once you load Mac OS X 10.4 on it and start to surf the web or run some programs it will show it's age. The AMD probably also has support for faster DDR RAM and a faster AGP card slot too. :)
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    I have 256MB chips available for these machines. Just shoot me a PM.
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    but if you upgrade the processor wouldnt the bus speed increase as well? is the bus speed detemined by the processor's capacity, or is it some other factor that determine's it?

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