WTB/T: 4GB iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by bamaworks, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Looking for a 4GB iPhone. Decent condition, looking especially for a good deal on the price.

    I can look into trading a iMac G4 15", 1Ghz G4, 512mb ram, etc. for it, or purchase straight up.

    Post or PM offers.
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    I have a 4 GB iPhone that is jailbroken and unlocked. I wasn't planning to sell, but if an offer is made, I would seriously think about it.
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    How Much?
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    I have a 4Gb Iphone that has been used about a month and is now sitting on my desk collecting dust. I would actually be interested in that Imac. Can you send me pics? Im at work but i could get you pics when i get home. Thanks Kyle
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    I'd love to make the trade with you on the imac. I actually have it in my room at home (I'm at my apartment on campus at the moment). I could have you pics by the end of the weekend or on Monday. If that is okay. It's in 9.5/10 condition, comes with original clear apple mouse, original apple speakers (the little round ones), and a black generic keyboard.

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