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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by mbl42, Jul 14, 2006.

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    Got one, thanks.
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    What do you have to trade? I have a 350 G3 ZIF.
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    -TONS of various Mac parts, just ask if your in search of something

    -500MHz Celeron Socket 370

    -Some Sound/Modem card from PC

    -Bunch of Mac Serial? 56K Modems for Pre G3 Beige Macs

    -A 56K Standard Serial Modem NO AC ADAPTER

    -Powerbook 150/1650/180 Keyboard

    -Powerbook 150 Mobo HDD Floppy and other misc case parts.

    -Some 10MBps PCI ethernet cards
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    Ryan T.

    Don't suppose you have an original Airport card? I have a 400MHz ZIF and an ATI 7000 PCI. They're in a working B&W though, so I don't want to part them out unless I can get something quite useful.
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    No sorry, If I had one it wouldn't be for sale anyway :p. Would you sell/trade the Radeon 7000?
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    PM'd You details.

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