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WTB/TF: Performa 6400/200 RAM

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by mbl42, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Might be able to help ya

    Have 2 KMD (not sure who they are, but looks like well made ram).

    64MB Dimm 168 Pin 5v - 60ns

    Pic available if you would like... pulled out of an older 7500 which was working at the time.

    What CF card do you have? (really looking for an AGP Mac video card to replace some PCI cards here...).
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    and while searching...

    found this site:


    did not know if you happened upon it as well... so the Performa takes PCI cards? Have a slew of those video cards, Rage-Radeon 9200 I could pawn off too.
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    ::EDIT:: Doh! Rgunner beat me to it !

    Make sure to post on the Apple collectors forum too. Lots of people with equipment like this (including myself) check there and can help you out with things like this.

    Good luck and have fun with the older mac!

    I have a 6500/275 with CableTV / Video in - out. Love it, and use it for my poor mans Tivo setup!

    Also check out the The 6400 Zone for tips and tricks on these systems.
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    Older macs are fun projects for sure...

    Still have a S900 kicking here, even with TIGER!

    I do not have enough time to tinker with all the older macs... just too many other things to absorb all my free time.... and a slightly nicer G5 on the desk helps too. :)
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    I have a 256K L2 Cache module, and a whole Performa 6400 if you want it.
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    Yes, I would like pics. CF card is a wopping 16mb Canon brand w/case. If your RAM doesn't work in my 6400, could I return it?

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    I do not have a problem with a return. Charging the battery in the digital, thanks to the better-half running them empty... pics on the way following.

    Not really sure I can use a 16mb card, any other items for trade? Or would it be easier just to send me ~ $10 with shipping included?

    Anyway let me know. (member here for a while now, Ebay and Paypal verified, with lots of feedback).

    Talk to you later in the evening Max.


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    I think $10 PayPal'd would be easiest. Give me your PayPal address and I will send the money.


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    Paypal / Memory

    Max, let me take a picture or two, just to make sure they 'look' right.


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    photo and PM back at ya

    Max here is a small photo (larger one can be emailed once you read this / respond).


    Attached Files:

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    That looks like what I need. I will send payment some time tonight. Thanks.

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    Sounds good Max

    went ahead and packaged up and will send out USPS to whatever address you prefer.

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    Payment sent. :)
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    Will drop in Mail tomorrow for you Max.

    Thanks, and let me know when they arrive / or if any problems at all.


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    Package dropped off

    Allow a couple extra days since this is coming from Alaska.

    Thanks again, any troubles at all feel free to email / PM.

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    Nice doing business with you. I'll post again when it arrives. In the meantime, could you please leave me some heatware feedback? (click link in sig). Thanks!

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