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    my dad is looking for a laptop, and i'd like to move him to the world of apple and get him a used g3 ibook as a combined christmas/birthday present. his vision isn't that great, so a 14" is an absolute must (i know the resolution isn't better than the 12" but the larger size will help), and he would like to be able to use it to watch dvd's, so a drive capable of reading dvd's is a must as well. as far as i can tell from www.lowendmac.com, all of the white 14" ibooks came with a combo drive as it is.

    i thought i'd try here as i know there are lots of folks here who take care of their apple products, thereby increasing the likelihood that i can get one in really good shape. i've been looking at the for sale ads on the local craigslist, and haven't really been seeing any ibooks with the specs or general condition that i'm looking for. of course, ebay is another potential source and i'm checking out some auctions there as well.

    here are the minimum specs i'm looking for:
    - g3 processor - he does NOT need a g4 and my budget won't cover one! :)
    - dvd-rom drive, combo preferred (and probably automatic in this line anyway)
    - excellent cosmetic and working condition
    - must come with a battery that holds a decent charge, power cord, and original system disks
    - prefer airport card included/already installed
    - original box would be ideal, but not required

    i would pay up to $525 (shipped, preferably) for one in excellent condition that meets these requirements.

    i might consider a trade (plus cash, of course) for the 12" powerbook in my sig. i've been thinking of upgrading to a powerbook with dvi-out and an external display anyway, and i could use the cash to go towards this. my powerbook is in great condition (no dead pixels, 3 minor scratches only) and has the applecare extended warranty through september 2006. it would come with a retail version of ilife '04, and i have the original box, packaging, disks, and all accessories, plus a spare battery just purchased earlier this year. i value this powerbook at around $900 - $1,000 looking at comparable systems on ebay.

    post here or pm me with any offers. feel free to email me directly at m dot schultz at mac dot com.

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    that site also has good deals on iMac G3 even if that not what ur looking for :D ;)
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    i have seen wegener and other sites that sell used ibooks (linked to lowendmac.com where i did my initial research to find the right ibook generation). i was hoping to find one direct from an original owner so i could (hopefully) get the full details on its condition and maybe be a bit more confident buying from a (trustworthy) individual rather than a store trying to offload older ibooks and perhaps not giving full disclosure on the condition and/or giving me a hard time if i want to exchange it. maybe i've read too many horror stories about buying used equipment from some online stores? not to mention the price - some ibooks i've found on ebay that meet my desired specs are going for much less than wegener wants. of course, i happen to miss the auction where an ibook that would have been perfect sold for around $400... :mad:

    anyway, thanks for the link, but it may be on to ebay for me if there's no one here looking to sell theirs...

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