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wtf i cant exchange my iphone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by duhyes, Dec 28, 2012.

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    i had a scuff out of the box and they wouldnt let me enchange it???
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    Who is: they ? Where did you buy ?
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    Are you asking us?
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    here we go:)
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    best buy
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    Good ol best buy.
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    So is it best buy that won't let you exchange it?
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    Because to them (Apple) a scuff out of the box is "normal wear and tear". Or at least according to one Mr. Phil Schiller.
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    Either return it or stop crying.
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    Didn't you see what he just said? Best Buy said no. OP, try going to the Apple Store or calling Apple directly. It's (800) 694-7466.
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    um, return it, walk out the store, turn around, walk back in and purchase a new one.

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    More like sassy.

    I kid, I kid.
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    Maybe you should read what he said. He said "exchange" not return.
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    I'm pretty sure he wants to return the iPhone 5 he has now that was scuffed out of the box for a new one of the same model and GB size. Return, exchange, whatever. They said no. He should contact Apple in one way or another. Forget Best Buy.
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    If he wants a replacement then make an appointment at the Apple store. If he wants to return it then return it at best buy. Don't know why someone like you that hates Apple so much waste so much time on the iPhone forums.
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    They have a name for posters like that.
    Cant remember what they usually call them:D
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    This is why you should always inspect these devices when you are still in the store.

    How are they supposed to know that you didn't cause it yourself when you got home?

    There has been threads here where people dropped their phones causing scuffs and then asked if they should go back to the apple store and tell them that it came like that. Yes there is a lot of dishonest people out there (no saying that you are), but you really can't blame them (bestbuy).

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