WTF!!! What to do now?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by taeclee99, Jan 7, 2003.

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    I am not as pissed off as other new tibook owners about the new 17 inch model. However a dilemma presents itself. Should I sell my new 1 gigabook on ebay and get the new 17 inchmodel instead?

    17 inch powerbook

    Airport antennas in screen
    backlit keyboard
    made of more paint issues
    built in blue tooth and firewire 2
    17 inch screen


    17 inch screen (too big)
    no more booting in OS9

    What do you all think I should do? I really love my new powerbook but I find myself lusting after the newer model.

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    It really depends.....some questions you need to ask yourself before selling your 1Ghz PB which you will loose significant money on....

    Do you have any FireWire 2 devices?
    Do you have any Bluetooth devices?
    Does your AirPort reception fill your needs at the moment?
    Do you want the extra weight to carry around?

    Answer these questions and I think u'll have your answer :)
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    more is more: 17" is not too big unless you travel with this everyday everywhere. if so then keep your 15".

    not booting into 9 is a pro not a con.
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    No I do not have any firewire 2 devices but I am considering getting a bluetooth equipped phone.

    My current tibook's wireless reception is severely lacking. I get decent speed up to about thirty feet away from the base station. Granted I am using a netgear not an airport router.

    The extra weight is a big turn off for me but having the extra screen real estate is nice.

    I am wondering if the geforce 4 go is better than the ati radeoon 9000 in my tibook.
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    Booting up in 9 is a must if you want to play virtual game station (psx emu). Also alot of gamepads are not natively supported in X.
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    another thing to think about, is if you want to increase your airport range, getting an airport extreme base station will be better than using the new 17" PBook with regular airport.
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    Hey I may have good news for you!!!

    I also just bought a new 1ghz superdrive about 9 days ago. Unfortunately the store only has a 7 day return policy on notebooks, but they do offer a 30 day price guarantee (like many other stores). The price dropped on this computer to $2799 today, so I get a $200 credit.

    Hope it helps. Since the 17" are not going to be shipping for at least 7 weeks (according to applestore), I am going to keep mine for about 30 days and sell it on ebay (LOADED WITH SOFTWARE).
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    Re: WTF!!! What to do now?

    Well, if you get a 17 inch powerbook, there may be a risk of people saying
    "Do you think he might be compensating for something?"

    ... if you know what I mean. :)

    As for booting into OS9, weren't you listening to Steve? He said they were abandoning support for OS X, and every product from now on would only run OS9. So you have nothing to worry about there. :)
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    Don't worry about getting the 17, while it comes with the new stuff, I don't think it's worth it. How can you lug a 15x10 inch "portable" around? Plus it's what, 6 almost 7 lbs? Unless you don't have a desktop, the 15 is probably fine. I'm just waiting until the 15 gets updated with the goodies.

    What do you guys think? Yes it is amazing that they managed to squeeze a 17" into a tibook, but isn't 17 inches pushing the "portable" limit?
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    I see no reason for a desk top anymore unless you need to install cards or do heavy audio and Video editing. You can add on all the external firewire drives you want so storage is not an issue.
    My Powerbook runs my Cadd programs and PhotoShop just fine. I have a 22" screen I plug into and every day my PB comes back and forth to work with me. I will sell my powerbook and buy the 17".

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