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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by applemacdude, Jul 11, 2006.

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    its in good condition. comes complete.. jsut used it to tape some world cup mathches and i dont need it anymore.. comes with all the original docs + boxes and parts. 200 shipped

    paypal to: ismaelblancojr@yahoo.com
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    Highly interested. Photos please. Any idea what the difference is between this and the EyeTV EZ?
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    The difference is that the EyeTV 250 has hardware encoding, and you can connect a VCR to it, and the product page lists "Digital Video Recorder" as a hardware feature the 250 has that the EZ does, but I don't know what that means compared to what the EZ does. I think it's the ability to pause and rewind live TV, a la TiVo.

    Basicly, the 250 is an EyeTV EZ with some extra features like recording from a VCR.

    I am very interested (have been researching it for a while) but sadly will be Macless until next month :(
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    Uh, the EyeTV EZ can record video as well. The only difference between the EZ and the 250 is that the 250 has an MPEG-2 encoder. The EZ needs to use your CPU. Both have coaxial and S-Video/Composite inputs.
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    Will this work in the UK? Digital Terrestrial?

    Sorry if I'm totally off track, I know theres different video settings (PAL/NTSC) etc, and not even sure if the frequencies are the same, so forgive me if I'm being stupid :p
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    I never said it couldn't. According to the Product Comparison Page:

    Only EyeTV 250 functions as a "Digital Video Recorder". The product page for the EyeTV 250 says "Watch, pause and rewind live television on your Mac.", while the EyeTV EZ page omits that and merely says "Watch high quality live TV on your Mac at an attractive price.".

    The page confuses me too. My guess is that the EyeTV EZ doesn't let you rewind while you're watching it.
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    The only difference I've noticed (i own an EZ) is that the encoding is done by the CPU as said earlier. It's quite intensive, but does allow rewinding if you opt to use a live stream recording. You can connect other devices to the EZ via the inputs on the front.

    The 250 will be easier on your CPU, but that's the only difference I can surmise from owning an EZ and comparing the two.
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    ships usps priority
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    The 250 might be easier on the CPU, but apparently the CPU is much more efficient at handling the task, as you can actually play games on the EZ, since the delay is almost nil, but on the 250 games are practically unplayable because there is about a second of delay.

    Is that right?
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    I was looking around the web, and it seems to be not in stock anywhere. Did Elgato sell these on their site for a bit, and then run out of them or what? How did you get one? Is it a prototype? Also, does it come with EyeTV 2 Universal Binary software? And one last question..do you have any feedback on Heatware, eBay, etc I could look at? Thanks!
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    As I understand it, the EyeTV 250 is the best both worlds because it has a hardware encoder, but also has the option of sending the stream directly to the computer, so you can either record and watch without taxing your CPU, or you can send the stream to your CPU so you can play games without a delay.
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    That is exactly right. I have the 250 and that is exactly what it is.
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    Clear your PMs. . .
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    Still available?


    Did you sell this yet? Let me know, as I'm interested.

    I can't send you a private message, because your box is full.

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    I am also interested (if it's still around) - lmk :)
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    anyone interested? in it
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    So it wasn't sold to the person two posts above?
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    nope.. pics soon
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    Dear Michael,

    Thank you for shopping at Elgato Systems LLC.

    Your order no. 858-....has been fulfilled.

    Order Summary:

    EyeTV 250 1 EyeTV 250 USB 2.0 TV Receiver/Recorder and Video Converter $199.95 $199.95
    Total $199.95

    200 shipped? Are you kidding?! I paid $7 more for a new one!!! Where is the incentive here???
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    I don't think anyone is looking for your opinion around here.
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    Save your opinion for feeler threads. Until then, I'd suggest reading the rules:

    "Non-interest. If you have no need for the items or don't like the price, items, payment method, or other terms, ignore the thread. Do not post negative remarks about the sale or seller based on their offer, or suggest to others that they buy other products or buy/trade at other sites. Do not post unsolicited price advice or comparisons of the offer with those from other sources. Do not try to derail somebody else's sale by posting in the thread. Let shoppers make their own decisions."
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    Then why have a thread? Why not let sellers post a sale and then lock the thread. All questions can be sent to them as private messages.
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    I don't make the rules, nor enforce them unfortunately, but a bit of thought would suggest that having a thread allows questions to be posed in a public forum so that the seller doesn't get 20 PM's with the same question.

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