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WTS/T old crap

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by iZach, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Mac Classic - name price

    PodWave speakers - plug into iPod like iTrip - $15 shipped

    iTrip 3/4 gen $15 shipped

    Huge 19" CRT - VERY heavy so $57 shipped

    CD drive from b/w G3 - $22 shipped

    Visioneer 3300 Scanner (PARALLEL PORT - comes with plug) - $30 shipped

    Old Win3.1 laptop - monitor broken off, touchpad/keyboard not working, you can even see inside, however, if you plug in a mouse, kboard, monitor, and included power cord it works great - $25 shipped

    Motorla StartMax 3000/180 PowerPC Mac CLONE (rare) cd drive, floppy, comes with power cord, works perfectly, OS 8.something, 1 gb hd - $40 shipped (because it is so heavy)

    FAMILY GUY season 1/2 DVD's $19 shipped

    XBox DVD remote/plug in thing - $10 shipped

    XBox memory card - $6 shipped

    Gamecube MobileMonitor - WORKS WITH ANYTHING WITH A/V JACKS, JUST IS DESIGNED TO SIT ON A GAMECUBE - comes with car adapter for screen and gamecube, one screw is missing so a hinge is loose but that makes no difference. - $45 shipped
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    added some more stuff, will be adding more later
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    were are youf frin?

    i would like the Mac Clone perhaps a local pick up?
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    I might be interested in the PodWave speakers... where in MI are you located? I'm near MSU...
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    I am in West Bloomfield, MI 48322 (detroit metro area)
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    still no serious offers yet...PM or post...even if you want a lower price try it...some prices lowered so check original post
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    I am interested in the Dell DVD drive and PowerPC. Please email or PM me photos. Thanks.
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    added stuff, will be adding more soon, still no deals closed yet
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    added laptop case
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    lowered family guy dvd's price
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    That Xbox Remote the MS one?
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    Yes it is. :)
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    I'd love the 3.1 laptop for kicks, but I'd never find a keyboard or mouse for it :(
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    I can include a mouse, but I don't have an extra keyboard.
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    Can i see pics of the monitor??
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    right now i have another deal pending, if it fails I'll get my camera out and post pics :D
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    I'm interested in the 3.1 laptop. PM sent!
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    Pics of laptop case? Thanks.
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    Pictures of case, monitor.
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    Dude! If I get the GameCube Mobile Monitor, and use the MiniVGA to RCA (A/V) adapter I have, can I use it as a "mini" monitor, for absolutely no reason at all except the coolness?

    Will that work?
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    you could but im not GUARENTIENG (sp) that it will fit exactly on the mini. check it its the same width all around as the gamecube.
    it will work though for sure with the rca, just wont 100% surely fit exaclty on the mini.
    btw, my dad (idiot) wont let me sell it for less than $55 shipped, since it was $150. do you still want to buy it?

    ps keep in mind that the screen is small since its the size of a gamecube
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    Lol, I don't have a Mini, I meant the MiniVGA adapter for my iBook. Will it like stand up on a desk or what?

    I might be interested. Could you take a picture.

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    i feel dumb. :D
    anyway, it will not sit on a desk unless you find a way to keey the weight down. basically its the monitor, then a big empty square under to sit on a gamecube. it will lean back on a desk without some kind of weight keeping it down. if youre still interested ill send a pic.

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    Could I see some photos of that GameCube LCD? I'm very interested. :)
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    Yes. Just to make sure everyone understands, the price is $55 shipped.

    I'm at school now, but when I get home I'll post pics.


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