WTS/WTT: Two EVE Online PvP characters (17 and 26 mil SP)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by valiar, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I need to get an iMac for using it at the lab... And I no longer have time to play EVE much.
    Thus, my two very, very nice EVE Online characters must go to a new home.

    Both characters are Caldari/Civire (high Perception and Willpower).
    Both are specialized in Gallente ships, and have no wasted skillpoints!
    Nice character names - nothing "l33t".

    Some highlights:

    Character 1:
    17 mil SP
    Can fly AFs, HACs, Interceptors, Transport ships, and Gallente freighters. 2 weeks away from Interdictors. Great gunnery (T2 medium rails and blasters), great drones (can use Ogre IIs). Wonderful support skills, including tanking. Makes a fabulous Ishkur, Ishtar, or Deimos pilot. Can also fly as support or hauler (Obelisk is the freighter to go for).
    $290 or best offer.

    Character 2:
    26 mil SP.
    Can fly AFs, HACs, Recons, Covert ops. Gallente Battleship 5, Caldari Battleship 3. Absolutely uber gunnery: more than 6 million SP, can use large T2 blasters and railguns. Great drone skills: Drone Interfacing 5, can use Ogre IIs. Has high standings with Caldari State and a few corporations. Enough to get a few research agents. Also comes with low-grade Snake set, and some items and ships.
    This is a unique character that has been very intelligently trained for almost 2 years.
    $490 or best offer.

    Please email me if you wish to know any particulars about the skills or attributes.

    I will consider trades for any LCD iMac (G4, G5, or Intel), or a PowerBook/MacBook.
    Character transfers will be done according to CCP rules. I will pay the transfer fee. You will need to have a free character slot in your own account.

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