WTT: 10GB ipod and shuffle for 20GB

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by wnameth, Sep 7, 2005.

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    hi, like the title says im looking to trade 10GB 3rd gen (in good condition with a leather case) and my 1GB shuffle used for only 2 charges for a 20GB photo ipod. I have all the original accessories for both and the boxes, i can post pics if needed

    thanks please pm me :D
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    no one? i can add roughly 50$ so thats:

    ipod shuffle (worth around 110$)
    10Gb 3rd gen (worth around 120$)
    and leather incase (worth around 20$)
    three pairs of earbuds (worth around 10-15 each)
    plus i will add 50$

    thats a total value of 320.00 give or take

    now no one has a 20GB ipod that they want to trade for all of this, if not i will sell things accordingly to get the ipod i want.

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    I've got what your looking for, i think most people are goign to be a bit reluctant because they have over 10B of music, as i do, however if you added some other item i might consider it, let me know, nothign specific in mind, PM me if you've got somethign else
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    if you have a photo then im sure we can make a deal, as for other stuff to trade ive got a 256mb laptop (powerbook) ram stick, ive got some gamecube games, i dunno it really depends on what your looking for.

    give me a email or pm through the boards
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    Pictures of the 3rd generation?

    I can pay cash.
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    A trade is in the process of being made with kingcrowing, i will let you guys no what happens

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