WTT: 1GB shuffle + cash for nano (2GB oe 4GB)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by wnameth, Jan 2, 2006.

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    okay, i am really wanting a screen. I have a 1GB ipod shuffle that has only been charged three times (been through 3 cycles) it is in good condition with minor scratches not major chips or dents. works and sounds amazing. I am looking for either a 2GB or 4GB nano, i can add roughly 65-100US or i can do cash and trades or the shuffle other trades for a nano. i would like to see pictures before i commit to anything, i currently have a 512mb PC2700 stick of desktop ram that is more G4 towers (1GHZ i believe) and most emacs.

    i also have some mini stanley cups, and a GB advance with pokemon firered (comes with the game box and manual, hardly used) i could add to the trade, the shuffle will come in the box with the lanyard and headphones, if the deal is right i will include a pair of sony black earbuds as well along with the apple ones which are in perfect condition. I do have some DVDs that i would trade as well, but we will see.

    here are the pics:

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    no one has a 2Gb nano? if no one does, will anyone buy the items i have for sale then?
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    How much for the shuffle? PM me:)
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    pm sent, no trades, i could possibly do shuffle plus 200US for a video or a 4GB nano.
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    why would anyone make that trade?
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    what kind of question is that? poeple have sold there videos for 250 (therefore you are getting a 1GB shuffle for 50$, same goes for the 4GB nano)

    that was uncalled for
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    i could also consider 2GB of powermac ram (2 x 1GB) and the ipod shuffle or my 10GB 3rd gen for a 4GB nano or a 30gb video... just a thought. other wise ill sell the ram and then do cash and the ipod (which seems to be what most people want because they don't like to be ipodless even though it is a shuffle)

    so please keep the trade offers coming (really want a nano or a video)

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    80 shipped for the shuffle
    50 shipped for the 512mb PC2700 stick of ram
    55 shipped for the GB advance with a basically new pokemon firered game (with box, only used for 14 hours)

    so please help me get a nano, i don't want to have to sell these things on ebay, i will probably put the stanley cups on ebay unless someone will buy them (11 of them + 2 Macdonalds trophies) for 75 shipped

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    okay, final price drops before ebay or classifieds

    75 shipped for 1GB shuffle
    40 shipped for 512mb PC2700 stick of ram
    50 shipped for gameboy with basically new 39.99USD game
    65 shipped for 11 mini stanley cups and 2 macdonalds trophies

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