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WTT: ipod shuffle for cell phone

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by wnameth, Sep 11, 2005.

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    hello, i have been thinking, and i am wanting a cell phone, i would like to trade my 1GB shuffle only used for 2 charges for a cell phone. or possible buy one that is able to use pay as you go in canada for no additional cost.

    if i trade my shuffle, these are the phones i would desire (or at least similar ones):

    Samsung SGH-E315 (or similar)
    nokia 6101 (or similar)
    lg flip phone (newish)
    audiovox (any flip phone that is newish)

    i have a pay as you go plan right now with fido but my phone broke, i would rather have one that i can use with telus because they have way better service in my area. i would prefer one in canada for shipping reasons, and the fact that im not sure if you can transfer a phone to someone who is in another country without any additional cost. what i would love is for someone wo have one in canada that is pay as you go, but im open to offers. i can post pics if need be, please post or pm me

    thanks a million
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    a couple more phones to add to my list:

    Samsung SCH A650
    Samsung SCH A670 Camera Phone
    LG 5450 Camera Phone
    Motorola V710
    LG 125
    Motorola V262
    Motorola V265

    also maybe a razer, but thats pushing it, i also wouldn't mind an itunes phone ;)
    also i will accept almost anything else, if they are somewhat similar to these
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    i will also be accepting anything from bell as well
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    also anything in the motorola v- series

    p.s here are some pics

    Attached Files:

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    I have an old LG flip phone. I'll update this post with a model number after I find it.
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    is it color? and does it have a clock/screen on the front case
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    It does have a clock/screen in the front. It is grayscale. It is pretty scratched up. It works and has a good battery and charger. Model # is LG TP5250.
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    i don't think that is worth the ipod shuffle at all really, are there any other people who have phones like this one they would like to trade?
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    i will definetly trade you my phone i have had for two months. i just bought a sidekick off ebay so i dont need it anymore. :)

    My Phone
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    I have a Nokia 5165 I'm not using anymore, I'll trade that for a shuffle.
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    ok how do i know i can use it with pay as you go here in canada (ontario, hamilton)

    email me through the email in my profile
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    that really is to low quality for me sorry
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    I'd gladly trade my Motorola 120c for your shuffle.
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    Trade for a Motorola t720?
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    Trade for a LG VX6100?
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    if you can find out how i can use it in canada (preferably pay as you go) then i will do this
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    The phones he is asking for have to be GSM compatible, therefore if you have a Verizon or Sprint phone you are trying to trade it will not work as it is not GSM. Also it would probably be wise to have an unlocked phone.

    I would be willing to trade my Siemens S56. It has bluetooth and has a color screen. It is also unlocked, I am in the US but im sure shipping costs for the shuffle and phone would be similar.
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    I have a Sony Ericson T68i phone. It is a 'candybar' style phone, very small and light, color display and bluetooth compatible. It's locked into the ATT (so it's a GSM phone) network, but can be unlocked. It's packed in a box of stuff from when I moved, so if you are interested in it let me know so I can dig it out and take some pictures and whatnot.
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    what service provider are you using? and is it GSM? is it unlocked? i have another offer i am interested in so please email me at wnameth@@@@cogeco.ca


    BTW i am really looking for a flip color phone (camera not needed but it would be nice)
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    OK, i am in the process of working out a deal for the motorola mpx200, but i have one general question that i can't seem to figure out:

    how and where do i find out what service providers i can use this phone with here in canada? also will i have to pay for a new sim card that is roughly 39.99 from fido or telus. if someone could (it would be really helpful) could you possibly tell me how to find this out or tell me if you know the answer. because if i get it in trading my shuffle and then find that i can't even use it at all (so a new sim card won't even do the trick) then i will be screwed and i can't seem to find this out, i have been looking feverishly on telus's web-page, as i used to have a fido phone and i didn't like the service.

    thanks alot
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    seems to me that you would be better off dealing with someone in canada or maybe someone that lives relatively close to you so that you know for the sure the phone will work for you. i wouldnt want to get screwed and lose a shuffle for nothing
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    ok then is there anyone in canada with a phone that is similar to the motorola mpx200? I am not ruling out that trade that i have for that, but i am just checking to see because within canada would be way easier.
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    deal going under way and almost done with thi12ty7 for a motorola mxp200, if anyone in canada has this phone or one that is similar in that it can take memory cards and play music then email me or pm me if not i am going to go through with this deal

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    hi, i have one question for the general public of MR, how do i know a phone is unlocked? my service provider told me that it has to be an unlocked phone so they can put the new sim card in it, i presume this means that there isn't a password? can someone clarify that/?
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    this is not the meaning what so ever. a phone that is unlocked will accept sim cards from any service provider. if a phone is not, then it will only accept one. you can find unlock codes online for almost any phone

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