WWDC 2010 September 1st... Where to Watch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by MaCamZa, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Not sure if this is in the right thread or if another person has already answered this elsewhere but i couldn't find the answer to my question...?

    "Where can i watch the upcoming Keynote Conference in September (2 days time :D), which officially releases new updates to products, such as the rumoured iPod Touch 4th Generation?"

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    WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) was back in June.

    There is no live video stream of the keynote, pretty much every major tech blog will do live text/photo streams.

    Apple will post a streaming version of the keynote, followed by a podcast download later that day.
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    Yeah, unfortunately, if you want to watch it "live", the best you can do is avoid all the tech blogs, avoid mac rumors, avoid any tech news on major news sites, and keep checking the Apple website for the webcast. Then sit back, watch, and it'll be live to you.

    I followed Engadget for the iPhone 4 Antennagate thing, and it was quite boring. I almost wished I'd just waited for the webcast. But there's that whole "wanting to know right now" thing.
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    K Cheers, anyone know the best live text/photo blog or website to tune it to while the conference is going on? Lastly, you know when abouts the podcast will be available, just that i live in the UK and the time diff. is about 8 hours, so the conference wouldn't of started until around 6pm (GMT) ... :D

    Cheers again for the reply :L
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    Engadget usually runs a pretty decent live blog of the events.
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    Engadget always do a great job, as do MacRumors with macrumorslive.com, Macworld always manage to have a little more humour than most about their coverage.

    Podcast just seems to pop up, no real set time.
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    K cheers again, so im guessing MacWorld is the best sort of thing this time round? :apple:
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    I use all three.
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    Nice, kool... I know, im a newbie, but how would i get to the blog and the live conference text thingy, on one of the websites??
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    I generally use Engadget.
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    It'll be there.
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    Ok, i think i get it, juts search EnGadget for the last WWDC and got the whole page, well a long page of the minute to minute blog, cheers guys :L
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    Yeah Engadget will follow it up via their website, and so will a lot of other social media websites. I'm pretty sure they'll cover everything with some photos.
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    +1 Engadget, I tend to follow all the liveblogs and Engadget has been the best for several events running.
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    By any chance, do any of you know when it will be on the apple website?
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    It's gonna stream live dog! Just announced!!!
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    I'm bolding the following to negate the previous, before-announcement replies.

    There will be a live stream of the event on the Apple website viewable at least on all 10.6+ and iOS products (or something like that). So everyone... Don't go to engadget. Apple site = live stream.
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    ONLY MACS running safari and iOS devices can view it. NO PC support :(

    I'm on vacation with only a PC connected to the internet (no, not my PC, i use macs).


    :apple:, you :eek::eek::eek::eek:!!!!

    Well, ill follow it via engadget, macrumorslive, ect.
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    MacRumors didn't get invited. I'm sure that there will be a way to fake device identifiers with you can find a pc web browser that supports html5 streaming.
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