WWDC 2012 Banners: "Where great ideas go on to do great things."

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    Apple has already started decorating Moscone with banners in preparation for WWDC 2012. The first banners show a collage of app icons and the wording: "WWDC2012: Where great ideas go on to do great things."

    The annual developer's conference kicks off on Monday with a Keynote Address. Apple is expected to introduce a number of new products and likely preview iOS 6.

    Thanks Nelson

    Article Link: WWDC 2012 Banners: "Where great ideas go on to do great things."
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    Macbook pro damn*t!!
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    So excited to see iOS 6 and any new hardware!! :D
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    Why am I getting the feeling this is going to be the most iterative update to iOS yet?
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    I'm happy. Only a few more days. :)
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    At least if they release iOS6, I won't keep thinking iOS5 looks like iOSS. :rolleyes:
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    Whether the Macs get updated or not, or even if iOS 6 is disappointing, there's no denying Apple's banners are definitely well designed. Very visually appealing.
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    just about there,
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    Not really caring about iPads and iPhones, I haven't really looked forward to Apple Keynotes in recent years, but definitely looking forward to this one :) Even if the Macs don't get mentioned in the Keynote itself, looking forward to the updates :D
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    In previous invitations the image has given a clue to what Apple is releasing and I feel as if the bright curved squares or "app icons" give a hint to something possibly including new app icon designs and a bright ui. None the less we'll find out in 6 days.
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    I always love their colorful banners.
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    Maybe because you don't know what you're talking about?

    Keep in mind, there has not been a dot release that has contained much in the way of features. (Like say 4.2, 4.3 etc...)

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    I'm looking forward to seeing the smaller banners, like last year

    WWDC is about iOS 5,

    i can't remember what they were, but know they were good. gave hints to what to expect even more
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    Clumsy phrase

    That's a clumsy phrase for Apple in my opinion. "go on to do"? Really? Needs a great action verb there.
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    Exactly, and with the WWDC app's new silver theme, I think iOS 6 is going to be pretty significant.
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    I'm expecting iOS6 and Mountain Lion previews and release dates. (Hopefully not the generalized "summer" they usually do.

    Mac updates also seem to be confirmed at this point. How much time will be spent on them, who knows? I don't want to get into which ones will be updated and how much of an update each gets. Let's just let it happen when it happens and complain then.

    I don't expect an iPhone 5 yet. I suspect the New iPhone will be released when iOS6 is out so they can put it right on the phone day 1. But would they do the same for the Mac's? Probably not. Lion is great as it is.

    I assume both iOS6 and Mountain Lion will be free. Yeah, free. Sounds strange, but Apple did say they were going down a new path now. If anything ML will be $30 at most. iOS will be free no matter what. I wouldn't be surprised if ML was free though. Since OS X updates are going to be yearly now and they're integrating update into the App Store, they'll probably want to push them right to your computer as soon as they release them. And at this point there's no big reason to charge anymore. Especially since it's now download only and their money comes from hardware. OS X is just part of the hardware. Part of the whole widget.
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    I didn't realize ideas were capable of doing things.
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    Better be.
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    Anyone else thinking WWDC will be all software again, with Mac updates happening silently on the website on the day before or after the conference ?

    With ML and iOS 6, it sounds like the keynote is already packed too much for any kind of big Mac hardware refresh announcement (multiple lines, multiple models of each).
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    I'd love that banner to stick on the front of my house

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    With all the new products and software being unveiled, can we expect the keynote to go on for a full three hours? This is getting kind of ridiculous. So to recap:

    1. iOS 6 with lots of new features on up to three distinct platforms
    2. Mountain Lion with several new features
    3. New iCloud stuff on the web, iOS and OS X
    4. Macbook Pro redesign/retina
    5. Macbook Air spec bumps/retina
    6. iMac spec bump/retina
    7. Mac Pro spec bump/possible redesign
    8. Surprise "one more thing" new iTV?

    This all seems kinda far-fetched but I'm one optimistic Apple fan! All I know for certain is my bank account will probably be hurting soon!!
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    This thread is getting a bit sappy :rolleyes:
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    Depends on how good the Mac updates are I think. If they are below what people are expecting, then yeah I would agree with you. If they have brand new hi-res monitors and/or new designs, then I wouldn't be surprised to see them at the show. I don't think there will be much for ML actually. The dev beta has been out for months, with several updates so...they could just do the quick overview on that.
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    It's not. Think positive. :)
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    Notifications are still garbage

    No widgets

    Apple buy intelliscreenx, bitesms, and sbssettings and people say its "revolutionary!"

    Oh no wait - is resolutionary!

    And why doesn't my the new iPad utilize the real estate of the screen better?!?!

    I want two apps running at once - split screen !!!

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