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WWDC Macbook Air Updates Predictions

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by sdinsider23, Jun 4, 2010.

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    I know that it is just a slim chance any news will come out from wwdc about the air, but here is my out of left field prediction that I haven't read anywhere else.

    3G built into the air. Maybe this is the reason at&t is running to kill the "unlimited" wireless data before the big show.

    Just a prediction, no source of info.
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    Maybe, that would really justify its place in the lineup. It would have a unique feature rather than just being a stripped down MBP.

    My predictions:

    1) New Intel ULV processor (i3 or i5)
    2) Uses Intel's integrated GPU, which I've seen described as being about on par with the 9400m and would save the extra two chips and heat dissipation required to use an NVidia GPU
    3) Price drop

    If they don't add 3G, it will just seem like a stripped down MBP. The original high price was to pay for the new unibody manufacturing and the new battery tech, but those are now standard in the $1199 MBP.

    I think the baseline MBA with a standard hard disk should slide down to just under the 13" MBP in price. Faster processors, SSDs, and a 3G option would let them justify a couple of higher price points.
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    I still have a feeling it might get axed but lets hope not.

    3G seems like an iphone and ipad thing, don't see stevie making this jump.
    4gigs with 8gig option
    core2duo still
    ssd standard
    glass trackpad
    same bezel
    new mini-display port
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    I have same concerns. I've not heard a single rumour about a MBA upgrade so I anticipate nothing at the WWDC. Apple very much like to hit a market with products that are anticipated and hyped a bit, and I suspect they contribute to the forum hype somewhat themselves (Jobs sitting on his mac into the small hours spreading rumours :).

    I have been waiting for a serious upgrade - mainly memory and SSD size, but battery life and lighter form factor would be nice too - to jump in as the iPad just doesn't come anywhere near what I need in an ultraportable (ability to do serious document creation and photo/video editing/processing).

    I guess the thinking in Cupertino is that the iPad will satisfy the market for the ultralight e-mail/websurfing/games/video that accounts for 90% of portable users entire needs, and even allow those with compact cameras to store and view their photos on the road, and hence a new MBA may have a very small market. The major drawback of the iPad to me is the inability to deal with my camera RAW format photos and archive to an external hard drive (processing power just wouldn't be up to it and the 50GB left of 64GB on iPad would only last me a couple of days on the road).

    I would love a great new upgrade but I agree the MBA will more likely be a Dodo rather than a Phoenix.

    I would very much doubt an announcement that it is being axed - I think it will either be labelled "unavailable" in the shop for a while then disappear - or just disappear from the online shop.

    Dearly hope I am proved wrong!
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    The AT&T party of ripping off Apple customers is almost over. It makes a world of sense for Apple to get Verizon involved. With AT&T's latest bait and switch advertising of the iPad unlimited plan, I no longer wish to do business with the company.

    In addition, most everyone I know with an iPhone promises they will be off AT&T's network the day an iPhone goes to either Verizon or Sprint. AT&T might be bragging that it thinks it will save 90% of customers, but I bet you they don't save half of those when people have a CHOICE.

    It just makes sense for Apple to use other carriers to provide its customers with a much better user experience AND better and lower costs of services. Verizon is coming to the party, it's just a matter of when... We would all be best off with both Verizon and Sprint coming into the picture so there is an actual competition to "win" our business.
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    I don't think Air is being axed just as of yet.

    But I do think it's not getting updated at WWDC.

    It's likely Air is not being updated this year at all and being EOL'd at the end of this year.

    Of course I DO HOPE there's an update coming.

    If not a bigger update at WWDC, maybe smaller update and then a big one beginning of next year...

    To be honest, though, I'm pretty tired of all this speculation. No one here really knows...

    I'm tired because this Air update speculation has been going on for a long time now and I've been disappointed time after time. I'm kinda disliking Apple right now. I will be hating Apple if they don't update the Air in the imminent future.
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    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows CE; IEMobile 7.11) Sprint PPC6850SP)

    Hopefully Apple's first-ever 3G cellular modem (in the iPad) is a sign of things to follow, a sign that Rip Van Jobs is waking up to a key part of modern reality... that Wi-Fi is insufficient for communications. Despite all the idealistic twaddle years about how open Wi-Fi units that you could tap into would make us all wireless... what really happened is that a wave of articles on "security" frightened most people (in my neck of the woods) into locking their wi-fi units. In my experience, even ones that initially don't show as being locked, turn out to be locked if you try to connect. So if you're a "mobile" person, 3G is NOT a luxury, it's a neccessity. ------ Jobs is damaging Apple's value and its future, if he continues to keep all of his laptops inferior to the competition's, in this area. IMHO this is the one area in which he is just being stubbornly stupid.
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    Word. When I turn on my computer Tuesday, if there is no news of an updated MBA, my 13 MBP order will be the very next thing I take care off. Frankly, I'll be relieved either way just to be free of the long dithering and waiting. I need a new computer!
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    That's too bad, because I actually believe the update will come after WWDC via a quiet Tuesday update to the website. The odds of Jobs introducing an MBA that has a Core 2 Duo CPU and Nvidia 320m GPU are pretty slim. The only way it might happen is with a Verizon 3G/4G card.

    I certainly hope I am wrong and Apple provides an incredible update at WWDC. However, with the MacFive products all getting the same basic setup, it's unlikely that Apple will put a Core i7 and discrete GPU in the MBA. In reality, unless the update includes a Core i7 and discrete GPU, we should all hope it's a Core 2 Duo and Nvidia 320m finding its way into the MBA. I certainly would have a problem buying any Mac that only uses the Intel GMA for graphics.
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    Agree - a MBA with a minor upgrade with only a 10-20% performance gain just wouldn't be big enough news. Apple/Jobs are in the "Shock and Awe" publicity game and wouldn't even get out of bed to present a new device with minimal improvement where the audience would sit there thinking "so what".

    IMO for a new MBA to get a showing at WWDC it would need one or more of the following:
    - battery life now 9-10 hours and bigger drive with minor processor/graphics updates.
    - quad core processor, graphics upgrade.
    - weight now under a kilogram and slight bump of other specs
    - touch screen/migration to a tablet form factor with or without keyboard (maybe even like a 12-13 inch screen iPad but running full OS X and having laptop-like capabilities/performance).
    - inbuilt 3G (like many other ultraportables now have) would not hurt either in addition to one of the above.
    - Teleport and/or time travel functionality (though rumoured for next years model rather than 2010 model).
    - Nuclear power battery with 30,000 year battery life even playing games (felt unlikely until at least 2012 model).

    I'll hope for all of the above (except maybe the nuclear reactor)!
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    Given the experiences with the new 15" MBP and their Intel HD graphics, I'm pretty much convinced that this is what's holding the MBA refresh for so long.

    They won't repeat the mistake of launching a Mac with Intel only graphics, since its performance is substandard. And it seems that all decent Core i3/i5 CPUs are the ones with integrated graphics -- this is why the 13" MBPs went Core 2 Duo only.

    And most likely they weren't able to have new Core 2 Duo chips that will fit the MBA form factor.

    Makes sense?
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    LOL, these are hilarious
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    Yes. Unfortunately I'm in a genuine "need" situation. My 2006 MB (which was a decent 2.16 with 2GB RAM) has started to stick (with force quit the only option) or just take forever when multiple applications are running. The memory is almost full. It is grubby. The screen never seems bright enough. The button on the track pad rattles with every click. And it developed those characteristic cracks where the latch closes. As someone who labors on the laptop 6 days a week in a coffee shop, I'm just too anxious to trade up to play this waiting game any longer.
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    Frankly, I think chances are slim.
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    apart from some wear and tear that you mention why not try the following remedies for the other issues:

    1. clean the sucker. damp cloth over outside and buff with a soft hand towel. same on keyboard and wrist rests, then same with the screen.
    2. back up and do an erase and reinstall of 10.6 followed by your apps and home folder.
    that'll make you MB snappy again and possibly the brightness of the screen should improve.
    also, that model will accommodate 4gb of RAM (if my memory serves correctly)

    if not, then at least you'll have a half decently presented MB to sell on craigslist or ebay when the time comes.

    just a thought … …
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    Cheffy Dave

    Add a touch screen to that, and I'd be all in
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    i'm thinking price cut.
    i still can't imagine why anyone would pay that much for a macbook air when they can buy a 13" macbook or macbook pro for cheaper. and those are better in every way aside being extremely thin. it's crazy to me.
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    Agreed. Apple has learned its ways from Intel's pisspoor graphics. And MBA buyers should all remember the original MBA's GMA. I fear the exact same problems in a new MBA with only the Intel GMA for graphics. I believe Apple knows it and will continue to keep its users away from the GMA. Although the rumors might lead is to think Core i7 Overclocked, with a discrete GPU is likely in the MBA, that's a pretty far fetched story in my estimation. I don't see it happening.

    So Apple sticks with C2D and Nvidia 320m or Apple just leaves the MBA as is until it can provide a "worthy" update. The odd thing in this situation is the average MBA buyer doesn't really care about the CPU, they want 4 GB RAM and a larger drive. Apple surely knows it could boost sales without dramatically changing the MBA, but it's not likely to update a Mac if it cannot offer some boost in CPU performance. So then it comes down to Intel, will they provide another new SL9x00 CPU faster than 2.13 GHz for Apple? It wouldn't be difficult. I just don't know though because Intel moved the GMA onto the CPU so they could eliminate Nvidia from the equation. Why would they help Apple avoid their Core series CPUs and GMA IGP?
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    the biggest thing they need to upgrade on the air is the trackpad at least.
    that would be a huge deal breaker for me if i was whatsoever considering an air.
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    Another thought

    I think if an air update is done at wwdc could we see it pick up some of the design cues of the new iphone.

    If all those prototypes are true they don't look like anything in apples line (well i guess the current iphone doesn't either, except for the tapering) maybe we will see a less tapered air?
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    I don't think you would be happy with the Air, to be honest. It doesn't seem like the feature set of the Air holds any advantage over a 13" MBP (for your particular situation and preferences) to justify the higher cost.

    Me personally, I would consider the RAM and possibly the SSD size, as deal breakers, over something like the trackpad. I actually like the current trackpad, but seem to be in the minority in that regard.
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    what prototypes
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    no rumors at all about possible MBA refresh during WWDC? or I am missing something?... no news are bad news... unfortunately.
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    I like it as well. I set the trackpad to accept "taps" as mouse clicks. I almost never use the button the MBA at all... but I actually like the feel better than pushing the entire trackpad down.

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    Totally agree. To regular users, CPU is the main measure, I can't remember an Apple update which wouldn't brag about better speeds, even the marginal ones of the current MBA.


    Intel desperately needs to do these lock ins otherwise it will become less relevant on the mobile world. Five years ago the Centrino platform (Pentium M, Intel chipset and wireless chip) was the best option for notebooks, and they've completely lost their relevance on both chipset and wireless, leaving them only with the CPUs. In a scenario where AMD is coming on strong, and lots of devices are shifting to ARM processors (Apple inclusive), I expect them to do that kind of trick.

    After the last MBP refresh, its clear to me what's happening with our beloved MBA, and I don't blame Apple that much. But given this scenario, I'm not getting my hopes too high.

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