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WWDC Rumors: Banner Images, Leopard Preview

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Aug 3, 2006.

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    As WWDC approaches, a number of images (mostly fake) and last minute speculation continue to emerge. The most notable tidbits:

    - Robert Scoble claims that Apple is "readying a dizzying amount of new products" reportedly based on inside information. (previous claim).

    - A WWDC Banner photo (mirror) has been revealed, showing off the usual development icons. No clear new announcements have been revealed, but Apple is prominently displaying the "64-bit" emblem.

    - It appears that Apple will be distributing a Leopard Preview build to developers at WWDC. Apple has already posted some sample code with the Build Requirement: "Leopard Preview".

    - More iPhone images and movies) (both likely fake).
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    i can't wait!! all this excitement is killing me!!!!

    let's just hope something is true at least
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    MacBook Pro in black?

    What are those 4 blue dots represent in this picture?
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    ugh if that phone in movie is real I might die... SO ugly
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    Man.. So many thing.

    Well, atleast if it's not at WWDC, those things are likely to appear soon.
    I'm Corssing my fingers, praying everynight that New designed MacBook Pro with Merom comes out.
    If that's all that comes out at WWDC, i'll be happy. I'll be happy if it's annouced and does not ship for a while too.
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    This is such an exciting time for Mac users. :D

    spicyapple, what blue dots?
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    If there's going to be a preview release at WWDC, does that not mean that we could seeing a full release very soon? As in, later this year?
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    Woohoo! WWDC in just a few more days finally. Hmm, wonder why half of the MBP is covered up at the far right. Hopefully something good is behind that.
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    yeah, and it's way too long to be a proper mobile phone.

    I really hope we don't get all excited expecting an apple phone and all it turns out to be is a remote for iChat.
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    Nah, it looks like a glossy piece of paper with stickers put on it. Though the ad does look real to me. Video.. not real. But then the video questions if the ad is real... hmm.
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    The blue dots on a silver platter looking thing. A couple posts up, someone claims its xgrid. Not really sure what xgrid is...
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    If that iPhone is true, then it would be the ugliest product released by Apple in a long time. What's next...a Pippin 2 Perhaps..
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    I cant wait to buy my first mac this monday... I don't actually have the money but I do have my credit card to take care of that...I wonder if the mac pros will be ready to ship monday or will there be a delay until the start shipping...If there is a delay I hope they hold off chargin my card so I can actually pay my credit bill in full instead of getting the wonderful interest added on....Any ideas?
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    Guys and Girls,

    That clearly is not a Black Macbook Pro there, unless there coming out with 13.3 inch Macbook Pro's then it is a Macbook. This could mean that we will be seeing an upgraded Macbook (Pro / Non) introduced monday most likely with the Core 2 Duo mobile. Also, in the picture, it really looks like it has a backlit keyboard. If it does, I will be waiting for that to ship before I buy my Macbook.
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    when is leopard set to offically release? anyone know?
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    In addition to my promise to run around naked and post the video to the Internet if iMac gets Conroe, I will do the same if they introduce a phone at WWDC.

    Not happening.
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    I actually remember you mentioning that. I should have screen capped that post. :rolleyes:
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    Monday is a civic holiday for me and my fellow Canadians.... I might check out the Apple store at the Eaton's Centre to 1) see if they are open, and 2) to see if they'll be broadcasting the keynote live! :)

    The iPhone pictures to me look like a photoshop hack of a nano, I just got a SLVR myself a few months ago, but I'll be curious to see what the iPhone features are when(if?) it comes out at the WWDC.
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    I posted this in another thread.. but no answer so...

    What time do you guys think the Keynote and new products will be on Apple.com (San Fran time)
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    I'm excited ...steve-o is giving me a keynote for my birthday! :D
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    I am psyched. I've been itching to replace my PB 12" for close to a year - NOT because I NEED to, but because I want to. Therefore, when the updated MBP's with Merom are released, it WAS worth the wait (to me).

    Credit card ready...
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    is it just me or is that an aluminum cased ipod nano?
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    I'm hearing it will be on Apple.com about 2 hours after the keynote.
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    Not like anyone would want to see me run around my complex naked, but I don't think we will ever see a phone out of Apple, especially at WWDC.

    And no Conroe in iMac. Evar. ;)

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