WWDC Software Notes: Safari 5, Xcode 4, iTunes 9.2

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    After all of yesterday's news regarding iPhone 4, iOS 4, Safari 5 and other topics, things are beginning to settle down a bit today, allowing details and smaller items of interest to come to the foreground. In particular, Apple released a number of software updates for both developers and general users yesterday, and details of these releases are beginning to come to light.



    - Safari 5: Released to all users yesterday, Safari 5 offers speed enhancements, increased HTML5 support, Reader functionality for facilitating reading of articles on cluttered pages, and new support for third-party extensions to add functionality to the browser application. One of the highlights demoed during Apple's Safari session last night at WWDC was Panic's "Coda Notes", an extension for annotating and sharing webpages. Developers are already quickly pushing out useful extensions for Safari, listings of which are being collated on several sites around the Internet. Some interesting ones:

    - Gmail Checker
    - Reload Button
    - Amazon Search Bar

    - Xcode 4: Released yesterday to developers at WWDC, the developer preview version of Xcode 4 is subject to Apple's non-disclosure policy for conference attendees, and thus only a few details have managed to leak out so far. Among the interesting claims coming out, however, is that Interface Builder has been integrated into Xcode, creating a single-window "unified interface" for the development environment.
    - iTunes 9.2: A beta version of iTunes 9.2 was seeded to developers alongside the iOS 4 Golden Master Candidate. iTunes 9.2 will be required for iPhone 4 compatibility and supports a number of new features, including support for iBooks enhancements such as PDF compatibility and syncing of bookmarks and other data across iOS 4 devices, app folder organization within iTunes for iOS 4 devices, faster backups for iOS 4 devices, and scrolling and other performance improvements.

    Article Link: WWDC Software Notes: Safari 5, Xcode 4, iTunes 9.2
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    Small White Car

    Oh, great. THAT's what I need. A faster way to spend money on Amazon!

    I really love the G-mail checker in theory, but I can't think of any place I don't already have G-Mail synced with a mail program, so I don't think I'd ever use it.
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    Sweet! Can't wait for FireBug, HTML Validator, Screengrab, Unlinker, MeasureIt and Colorzilla extension :D
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    Hmm... I may be being a bit too cynical here but why would you want a reload button? There's one at the right-hand side of the address bar.
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    Safari 5 is an improvement but nothing unique. I still wish the shortcuts to switch between tabs weren't as complicated. Extensions are going to be the biggest addition.
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    Woot reload button!

    Not sure why Apple moved it to the right...

    Makes more sense on the left especially for people with wide screen.
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    IB integrated into XCode? It's about time!
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    I am using the near GM seed of 9.2 and it's an improvement in speed. Whenever I would launch a TV show, the beachball would show for a few seconds and then play. Now that same show runs immediately with no delay. Scrolling my music is faster, as is coverflow. Granted I only have 1050 items to go through, but still, it's an improvement.
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    CMD+R is my reload button and Gmail is IMAP'd in Mail and pushed to my iPhone. Let me know when there is a "Tabs on top" extension. ;)
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    Small White Car

    Someone fill me in here. People always go on and on about how Firefox is so great because of all the plugins.

    Are these Safari 'extensions' the same thing? Or are they not quite the same?

    Just wondering if that's something FF users will still be bragging about or if this will shut them up.
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    Let's hope some of the 'smaller items of interest' might include a new Mac Pro ;)
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    In Firefoxi I use
    1. Flash blocker
    2. Video downloader (don't remember the name)

    Safari has flash blocker extension for ages, and the version from Safari 4 works with Safari 5.

    In Chrome I also use Flash blocker.
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    Just to add to your post: Have you ever looked through the library of Firefox extensions? About 98% of them are garbage.
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    Xcode 4 only available to WWDC attendees?! WTF?! I'm a registered iPhone Developer (paid) and don't have access to it? Very odd that Apple allows access to iOS 4, iTunes 9.2 and iAds but not Xcode 4 preview.
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    I miss "tabs on top" from the beta. It's the best bit of Google Chrome for me, just seems like a more logical place to put them.
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    I've never understood this point of view. Formulating it as an unbiased question: what workflow changes do you expect to be the result of this change?
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    About 2% of extensions I uses are non-garbage :) See my 2nd post above on the top ;)
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    much needed improvements for Safari.. can't wait.

    (okay, so where do i drop these bad boy plug in's to get them to work?)
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    The Reload Extension is actually one of the Sample Extensions created by Apple. So you can thank them for that. :p
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    Oh, and any news on a Keywurl-or-equivalent (eg, being able to type 'g hat' into the URL bar to search Google for the word 'hat', as per Firefox) as a proper extension? Or has anybody who has checked the documentation even figured out whether that's possible?
  21. afd
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    any info on itunes 9.2 hardware requirements? Just had a sudden panic that it might be Intel only. Having just bought an iPad, and iPhone 4 just around the corner I don't think I could afford to replace my G5 iMac.
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    #1 Having XCode check to see if the XIBs and NIBs need saving before building.
    #2 Having the IB elements close when I close a project.
    #3 Having IB close when I close XCode.

    Really though, it's all about #1. That gets me every time.

    Also can I ask for a Save All button?

    EDIT: Also it would be nice if IB didn't have 50 billion windows floating around for every XIB. Don't know if the new XCode does this or not, but I hate that. (Hate on MS all you want, but Visual Studio does this right)
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    My big question: Will there be some sort of official page for Safari Extensions? Or does one exist already? To understand what I mean, see Firefox's official add-on's page. Because as awesome as having extensions for Safari is, it's kind of hindering if Apple doesn't support a giant "gathering place" for developers to post extensions.
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    When does iBooks become available for the iPhone and will it be iPhone 4 exclusive? Tried to get books on my 3G earlier and it prompted me to download iBooks which I then couldn't run on the iPhone.
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    Agreed. We've paid so why not give it to us??!! Just because we can't all travel around the world to go to a conference.

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