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Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by eyelikeart, Jan 12, 2003.

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    Well, as many of u know, Moxiemike & I hve been working on a new stock photography website, www.thefotohaus.com. We've come a long way from our talks & concepts back in July '02, and we now have a functioning website. We're currently working on recruitment of new photographers to join and help build our haus...RoyalPineapple has even joined up. We're proud of our efforts, but we need some help.

    I'm mostly in charge of promotion & advertising for the site, and I'm currently working on some ways to get traffic to www.thefotohaus.com, as well as finding some others who want to join & help make it a success. We have a banner ad that shows up every now & then here at macrumors, and we're going to be having another showing up soon.

    What my purpose of this thread is, is to find out if any of u with your websites would be interested in helping promote us? Right now we do not have any links to other sites, but the notion of creating a links section is a possibility. We'd be willing to even make some trades & such for promotion.

    Also, as I mentioned earlier, we're recruting photographers to join the site. I am not sure if I could go into detail here, but if u visit here, u can get all the details. :D
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    hmm... I don't have a site to promote your site on, but I do have quite a bit of images stored up from vacations over the years... At least 1000 images... That, and my Dad and I are going to be working on a wildlife photography contest. My dad takes the film shots, and I'm going to be doing digital, since they don't allow digital pictures in the contest... What does it take to qualify as a student? Just the fact that I'm in school?
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    yeah...pretty much...

    What would happen, is u would need your dad or guardian to sign the contract for consent since u are a minor. It's not a big deal, just for legal purposes. When u start to get your images worked on, u should setup a webgallery or send me some low res samples. We're totally willing to give everyone who's interested a chance! :D
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    cool. I'll get on my G4 and see what I can do...
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    I've got a lot more hummingbird pictures... There is even one where you can see its tongue sticking out... I especially like the one with the moth, though... The opportunity just popped up, and I just happened to have my camera...

    damm safari's 'check spelling as you type'
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    This is great! I will pass the word among my photographer friends. I am sure they have rolls and rolls and MB and MB of great, but unsold pictures. I might even submit some photos for review. Anywho - one thing about your website: the navigation bar on the top is missing the "home" function. Not a big deal, bit I was clicking like mad on the fotohaus log to get to the index page, which didn't work.
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    oh, I thought I'd just throw this in this thread just for the heck of it... According to my older brother, this is michael dell's hill... The whole top of the hill is his house...

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    haha. ive been meaning to do that change for a week or so. :)

    if you would've seen it tomorrow... ;)

    thanks for the heads up... any other render problems, let us know!

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    Nice stuff there as well bandit. Lots of potential stock gems in there. Would you be interested in joining up?

    Let eye or I (love that. ;) ) know ASAP.

    Basically, we're looking ot get a new server. The way we figure, it'll take about a month. But if people want to join TODAY and start uploading, we'll set them up with an account, but not list the start date until we get the server.

    So, if you join on 1.13.03, and we dont get server until 2.28.03 your account (1 year) is good until 2.28.04. Nice bargain, eh? ;)

    Let us know!

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    I'm not shure how your photo stock website works yet as I haven't had time to research it. Do I get paid?
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    of course u do...u get royalties for each image u sell...

    it's all displayed here...
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    As much as I like you guys I'm not especially fond of some of the wording and requirements in your contract. I think for now I'll have to pass unless you can convince me otherwise.

    I mean don't get me wrong I would really love to make some money off of my photographs and I'm sure my father would also. He has 10s of thousands of slides that if he had a reason would get professionally scanned or would aquire the equipment to do so himself. He once considered himself an avid photographer and I think he was pretty damn good myself.

    Again though I'm just not sure about it.
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    Do you do international payments (Japan... and I'm a student)? I'm thinking of joining, as my photography class is ending in a few days and I would like to continue shooting...

    I don't have a digital camera but I scan all the "good" pictures I shoot... I've put up very few old ones on my site... here is the link... I'll be scanning a few more in a few days. They are black and white only.


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    that's fair enough...would u mind telling us what u had a problem with, specifically?

    keep in mind...u will find a similar contract setup with any stock agency u go to...;)
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    Nice stuff! :D

    I really liked the locker & rain shots best...he he...

    as for international...I don't think that would be a problem...I'm conferring with Moxie now to validate...lemme get back to u on that ;)
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    Since we'd be using paypal, i'm assuming you can, once th cash is in your paypal account, download it to you bank account in a variety of currencies... correct??

    I dunno. Anyone?
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    well I did some research...here's what I found...


    seems paypal is available in 37 countries... :D
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    Thanks. I'll make an account and sign up for your service... and I'll see if anyone I know may be interested.

    Oh by the way, I was just wondering how you price the photographs... or are they all the same price?

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    Yes. for now all photos will be priced at $35.00. That's for a 10-17mb file (3-6mp)

    Of course, we'll be hosting jpgs using FULL compression, which makes the final file size 3-5mb but anyway....

    The day will come when we have someone signing up who's using a Canon 1ds... or I go for broke and buy one, and of course, an 11mp file vs. a 3-6mp file neccessitates a larger price.

    So we'll tier the prices at that point. The reason is, i've noticed that, if you have a good digital cam (i've used Nikons and Minoltas) you can really enlarge a photo and get a good print. I've enlarged my minolta files to 11x17 and had them print professionally, offset, at 300dpi and man does it rock!

    So yea. $35 gives the client a good value and a usable file.

    We're also looking for people who do Adobe Illustrator Illustrations.... clip-arty stuff, or more in depth "conceptual" illustration, as well as flash clips. I know some sites are giving flash navigations in black and white that you can customize, and still use their funky animation.

    Also, sound clips are gonna be forthcoming.

    So yea. Tell yer friends. And start uploading!

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    yo bep! :D

    actually...we're supposed to get quality 16x20" prints from our pieces... ;)
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    yea. and the powerbook gets five hours of battery life. :)

    I haven't gotten 5 hours... and I haven't printed at 16x20. So when I do, i'll revise that.

    Great camera... but i still have questions. :)


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