X2 - The Threat for Mac OS X

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 16, 2005.

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    Sounds like a jumped-up Escape Velocity (Ambrosia Software)... Could be very interesting if handled correctly.
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    Whew! Don't scare me like that

    From the headline, I thought X2 was some new, unheard-of OS that was expecting to challenge Mac OS X. It's not. It's just a game called "X2 - The Threat" written for Mac OS X. Maybe the headline should've read "X2 - The Threat, for Mac OS X"
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    as did I.

    i'd like to try the demo, maybe it will be free with .mac, i hope so.

    if it's as good as EV i will be ecstatic.
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    Reviews online indicate that it doesn't even come close... Very pretty, though.
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    This has been out of PC for years.

    I played 'X' which was the first version - an Elite like game. Unfortunately it was flawed (unlike Elite), it took to much time to get in the game. Hopefully this one is better.
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    I'd buy more Freeverse games if Jen got naked ...iPuppet Strip, anyone? :-D

    /needs to go back to FYAD
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    There was a PC game like this called Freelancer (i think) that had the exact mechanics of EV from Ambrosia. Every spaceport had a bar, a jobs board, a shipyard and a place to buy stuff. Oh, and you got to go on quests and meet people and the story would adapt. It was EV, except with immersive 3D.
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    Same here!!
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    Me too! but and to add to it I clicked the link then switched to mail, so that when I came back to Safari, I was like, what's this game doing here?
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    Hence the 'Games' tag :)
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    I'll be the first to plead guilty for not noticing that.
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    Noticed it after the fact...
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    Still, for a non-gamer, that's a very deceptive headline.
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    Scared me there for a second. Should've noticed the sub-heading. :D
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    Wow, when I submitted the link I didn't realize that it would get so many hits just from the fact that I didn't use a comma... :D
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    well yes :eek: , but i think people saw "OSX" and "threat" first and clicked in somewhat slight panic and alarm.

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