Xbox 360 Elite W/ 20" Cinema Display?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by edwardlanti, May 9, 2007.

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    Hey guys right now I have a regular Xbox 360 Premium...I would had love to hook it up with my 20" Cinema Display but as you know I cant do that unless I buy a separate box to hook it up...I dont want to do I was thinking of selling my Xbox and getting the elite edition cause of the the question I am asking is...Would the elite work with my Display?
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    They sell HDMI-to-DVI cables, so I would think so. I don't think the X-Box 360 Elite uses a proprietary port, right?

    EDIT: I should add a word of caution. Since the Apple Cinema Display has almost no controls beyond brightness and an power button, choosing a proper resolution could be an issue. If you're expecting 1080p, the 20" Cinema Display doesn't have a high enough resolution. 720p will work, but if the Apple Cinema Display doesn't have a 1:1 mode, expect everything in the screen to be stretched. If the HDMI cable works like the VGA cable, and you can choose a resolution, consider using the 20" Cinema Display's native resolution.
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    so, you just connect the hdmi to dvi, then a stereo to mono analog to your macbook?

    I assume this is needed since the difference between dvi and hdmi is that hdmi incl. sound. So a seperate audio cable would be required. I have the same display and run a macbook, which has a single audio in. That's where the sound would go, right?
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    There's a similar thread in the Apple Games forum, might be worth checking out....

    Edit: here ya go:
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    FYI: Premiums now have HDMI ports on them. ;)
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    Do they ? That was snuck out secretly wasn't it.
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    Yeah, pretty much. Cores are the only ones without HDMI now (on the new revision). Kinda snuck it under the rug giant star stickers proclaiming "Now with HDMI!" or anything...just a small 'HDMI port' mention on the console specs section on the box (shown here).
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    Yup, but you have to check the boxes. They've also slipped in some 65nm boards, but I'm not sure you can check without breaking open the box and looking at the serial number
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    Everything I've read re: 65nm "Falcon" boards says they haven't shipped yet and won't probably til October or November at the earliest.

    Did you get a news scoop, greatdevourer? Share that mofo if you have ;)
    I didn't think 65nm would be available in retail yet...

    The one caveat about the 65nm though is it is not the solution to the problem.
    The only 65nm chip for now will be the cpu; ATi has not come up with 65nm gpu's yet therefore the 65nm process 360s still will suffer RoD issues because the gpu is the one with the heat issues, not the cpu. :confused:

    Two steps forward, one step back with these guys (the engineers)...:rolleyes:
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    When I picked up a game on saturday, the guy in front of me was buying a 360 Elite as a replacement, because the guy behind the counter told him it had the 65nm chip. He'll probably be annoyed when he finds out that's not the case. :)

    These guys state the 65nm is in full production, so how long will it take to get them on the shelf?

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    People are going to be disappointed with their 65nm RoD 360s. ;)
    Again, this won't solve any problems. :eek:

    Sure, the cpu generates heat but the cpu and its heat isn't the major cause of RoD; the gpu is. The gpu gets too hot and warps the circuit board which then causes the connection socket to lose consistency and eventually it leads to an RoD. Looking at the improved heatsink on the current models and the repaired ones...they primarily beefed up the heatsink on the gpu, not the cpu.

    Again (again) - 65nm gpu 360s are in the works but there is no estimated arrival date on them because ATi hasn't refined the gpu process down from 90nm -> 65nm like IBM has done with the Xenon cpu. I think releasing them now is a sort of "save face" idea so they look better in the eye of the public, but again - this won't ring the end of the RoD issue and I can't help but wonder if this won't (potentially) backfire when people still get an RoD on a 65nm system because then the outcry will be "well, they did a die shrink and the system STILL fails, what next?". :eek:
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    The Apple Cinema Display doesn't have HDCP. Forget all about HDMI's advantages for HD-DVDs.
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    #13 - that's the closest I could find, but I'm sure it was on digg a week or 2 ago :confused:

    As for will it fix the issues, possibly so, as there'll be less heat circulating the case adding the problem, but it'll still want watercooling to keep it properly safe
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    As much as I like the ACD's, the Dell 24" is looking more like an option....
  15. TBi
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    Well if you have a cooler running CPU then the GPU will also run cooler because the air around it will be cooler. This should solve a lot of the RRoD problems.

    Also engineering is not an exact science, there are no definite 1's or 0's. It's extremely difficult to shrink a die to a new process, not to mention how much harder it is with a big die like the XBOX 360 graphics chip with it's off board memory. It's also very difficult to fully evaluate if the new chip will work the same as the old one.
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    Some dude posted here:

    "Aravance dont bump a year old thread with incorrect information. All the current Apple displays are DVI-I and can be adapted to VGA. Only the old apple displays with the ADC connetors are DVI-D only"

    So, does that mean it works??
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    It means the guy is talking out his ASS. Seriously all ACD's are DVI-Digital only. The only way of getting a VGA signal it to buy an expensive converter box.
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    Sorry to necro this thread, but I found this thread when googling my predicament.

    Intrigued by the new GTA IV game, I'm thinking heavily about getting an Xbox 360 to hook up to my 20" ACD. I know that the cheapest version of the Xbox 360 has HDMI out now. So if I got an HDMI-to-DVI cable, would it work? Would I have any resolution problems or anything like that?

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    No! :) save a long winded answer but I have tried and it didn't work.
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    Bah! What a pity. It would have worked out so lovely.
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    Yes. The Apple ACD's have no scaler. Your computer does the scaling not the monitor.
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    So what monitor are you using? I'm looking for a 24" for my mac pro and xbox 360.
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    Dell 2407FPW :)
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    Um... well since no one else has said it...

    BOO!!! HISSS!!! DELL!!! HISSS!!!


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