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XBOX 360: it upscales DVDs right?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by erkanasu, May 23, 2007.

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    Just to make one more confirmation before I get one, I want to make sure the core or premium version will upscale DVDs to 720p (or 1080p for that matter). Thanks
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    Only via VGA, not via Component
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    Yup, VGA is your friend here. Apparently it bypasses a lot of red tape associated with other kinds of cables.
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    okay, im buying a hdtv and 360 this week, I'll make sure theres a VGA.

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    one little sticky issue with VGA is I find some games don't always look quite right and I need to change the resolution settings around a bit. But my tv has a weird resolution (1440 x 900) so maybe thats it :confused:
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    I believe that the Elite will also upscale DVDs over HDMI.
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    Mike Teezie

    How do DVDs look up-converted to 1080i?

    Is it worth the $40 or whatever it is to buy a VGA cable? I use my 360 as my dvd player in my living room.
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    Okay just got a 360 prem off craigslist then went to best buy to get the VGA cable....

    I was a little upset to see the following on the back of the 360 VGA box:

    Upscales 360 games to 720 p
    Upscales DVD movies to 480p <<< Ummmmm?!

    Was there a software update that removed this limitation? I am confused and slightly upset since i just got this 360 hopping for some 720+ upscaling

    Please help me clarify whats goin on, I'm sure its prob just a lack of knowledge on my part.
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    The Elite upscales via HDMI and VGA

    erkanasu VGA DVD upscaling was added in a dashboard update ages ago. I guess that cable is old packaging.

    Your 360 should be able to upscale all games and dvd to 1080p via VGA.

    Yes it improves the picture very well indeed. Its well worth the $40.

    It obviously doesnt give you HD-DVD or BluRay quality, but for most laymen they wouldnt spot the difference.

    Especially as some movies on BD & HD-DVD really arent a big improvement over the DVD. It depends greatly on the paticular movie.
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    thanks brah
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    actually it only does with the hddvd player..
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    The internal drive upscales standard DVD's via VGA.

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