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XBOX 360 kicking the aTV's butt

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by radiogoober, May 29, 2012.

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    Dear Apple,

    I'm a big fanboi. But, Xbox 360 is kicking the crap out of your Apple TV, and you know what? It's primarily a game system, and it is still more capable than your dedicated "hobby box." Please get on the ball. Didn't Steve have some way to revolutionize the industry? How about you at least catch up with it? Amazon video, apps, games, etc. Come on...
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    Last I knew, I couldn't Airplay/mirror from my iphone to your xbox and your xbox uses more energy to run and costs more than 99 bucks. I also don't have an easy integration with itunes which is where all my music and videos are stored for playback on the Xbox (hacks do exist).

    Just sayin.... You might be overly simplifying what the AppleTV can do.
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    They're two totally different devices, you say it yourself. So how are the two even possibly compaired? If anything compar the ATV to Rpku or Boxxee, those are actual media only devices. No gaming consoles.....

    It costs more, but it also allows you to play AAA title video games, so you're paying for that luxury, as well as everything else, so yeah of course it will be more, it has a GIANT feature the ATV doesn't even offer.

    This is silly IMO two totally different devices with two totally different core functions designed for different markets. I bet half if not more gamers can give a crap their xbos can stream hulu or netflix.....
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    Lately, I am getting errors streaming video files to my xbox using Connect360. Even with iTunes movies. Highly annoying.
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    goober the ATV is intended for playing whats in your iTunes libary as well as netflix and the other channels on there ie MLB, NHL etc.

    what does the ATV not do that its advertised to do?

    there are so many devices that stream things to your TV to even list so sure depending on what types of media you are trying to stream that is better choices than the ATV but your comparison doesnt make sense
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    There's no need to jump to Apple's defense. As I said, I'm the biggest fanboi and I've owned every single generation of AppleTV (even the 40 gig) there has been. The lack of built in apps is just pure crap. TNT, TBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, Cinemax, Amazon, Hulu(+), etc, why aren't any of these on it? No basic games, etc. Obviously I know what was "promised" on the AppleTV, but the device is getting left in the dust. I use my AppleTV as a home media streaming device, it works great, but there is so much that it honestly should be capable of (ie, when jailbroken it can do these things fine), but simply isn't.

    It's just a shame. It's like an olympic athlete getting hooked on drugs instead of living up to their potential.
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    its possible those companies do not want to offer their suscriptions through apple
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    They have apps for iPhone and iPad.
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    I'd buy myself a new xbox if netflix was 1080p supported... too bad netflix only makes it 720p on a 1080p system. fail
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    well than you make a fair arguement,
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    Xbox and the ps3 are the worst systems for streaming media. They are so loud. If its not completeply silent it's a piece of junk. I tried to use both and they both sucked, too loud, power hungry and hot.

    Apple tv is far from perfect, but it is quiet.
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    No argument here. My main point is that the AppleTV has a ton of potential, but needs a ton of work.
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    Dr McKay

    I can't even hear my Xbox unless I'm sat with my ear within a meter of the device itself. And thats when the TV isnt playing anything, if I put even a quiet show, it drowns out the tiny amount of noise the Xbox makes. I also find the Xbox a brilliant device to stream, I've got Netflix, 4OD, BBC iPlayer, and it streams all of my video files on my Laptop that are on the same network, it can access all of my music and photos too. With the release of Windows 8 if it detects an Xbox on the network the media players will have a "Play to" button to send anything like Photos/Music/Videos to the Xbox in a single click.
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    I have tried the new Xbox slim and for me personally it was to loud! I can even hear the power pack making noise. Since I have kids and tend to watch movies while they sleep I have to keep the volume low. At a low volume setting which I use most of the time the Xbox is unacceptable.

    The Xbox 360 is superior in every other respect, but the one that is most important to me are noise, power, and heat.
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    I have an xbox, wii, and ps3, and none of them compare to the ATV as far as the overall package for the cost. xbox has amazon streaming which is the only thing I wish I could get on ATV.

    if anyone wants a xbox 360, I used mine about 3 times and find it a waste of money and would sell it at a good price....
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    Dr McKay

    I wouldnt argue that one device is "Superior" over the other. They are each better than the other at different things. While they do many of the same things, they aren't meant for direct competition, it's like comparing a Phone to a Computer.
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    If I'm not mistaken, the Xbox itself only goes up to 720p, so 1080p is impossible just like it is on the previous generation Apple TV. So yea, fail.

    Definitely true, Xbox (non-slim) would be loud, especially during quiet scenes of a movie. Apple TV is silent, passive cooling so no fans.
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    get a playstation 3. It's much better than the crappy xbox. and you can play your blu-ray dvds as well as 1080p movies as well as 3d as well as AAA games with some amazing exclusives.


    Playstation 3, because of 1080p, blu-ray, 3d, and gaming!!!!!
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    I specifically bought the ATV to replace watching movies on my XBox because I saw no need to repeatedly pay for the XBox Gold account when it would be cheaper to pay for the ATV once. Sure, if you are an online gamer it might be worth it but after getting stuck playing with kids who don't know how to play as a team, I stopping playing online.
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    Agreed. The extras that everybody is talking about are only available with membership and I have absolutely no desire for multiplayer or Gold membership. OTOH it would be nice if Apple would add some of these extras to the :apple:TV.
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    But where would I put it?

    photo 2.jpg
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    Doesn't have to be a slim, they got more quiet as the went along. My Jaspers are definitely whisper quiet and non-slim.
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    Yeah I have no place for an xbox either. I love my Apple TV, the cable box will be leaving next, and probably the blu-ray player that I use about once or twice a year...Then I will get smaller speakers for the wall.

    I am also just not interested in a video gaming console.

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    Agreed. Once Xbox Glass ships, it'll be "better" than an Apple TV by every metric, except cost. But we're Apple users, cost doesn't matter :p

    Seriously, this is a good time to be a Microsoft fanboi, and not so much of a good time for Apple fanbois. What is this world coming to!?

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