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Xbox 360 Update Adds Divx, iPhone/iPod Support

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 2, 2007.

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    Link: Xbox 360 Update Adds Divx, iPhone/iPod Support
    Description:: Microsoft will release a number of updates for its Xbox 360's dashboard and Live service starting next week, adding support for compressed movies and Apple portable devices, the company said.

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    Dam how I wish I had an xbox now. Its good though that microsoft is adding more compatability with other things other than itself. Now if only we'd get Divx support on the iPod. Hmmm
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    This is awesome...I'm sick of having to watch my DivX on this 13" screen...
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    DivX is standard MPEG-4 video with standard MPEG Layer 3 Audio inside a 20-years-old .avi container (and VBR MP3 is not even allowed inside an .avi).

    Why people keep asking for DivX support instead of using standard .mp4 files is beyond me.
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    Because many videos come in .avi format, even if mp4 is better...
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    Xbox 360 - Apple TV Killer?

    Hmmm, makes me glad I didn't fork out £200 on an Apple TV. I can finally put all my movies in one accesible place, and not have shed loads of DVD's floating around the room. It's almost enlightened of M$... or is that the whiskey talking?
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    Its more because Sony did it I think, and AppleTV is good for people who buy from the iTS. Also, the UI on the XBOX media-center-thing isn't very nice...

    I'm still excited though...
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    Yeah I suppose it's a case of keeping up with PS3, and if Sony can bite the Divx bullet then Mr Gates' outfit have to follow suit. Maybe they'll improve the UI with the update? Or is that like seeing your (psychofreak) icon fly...?
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    Awesome news, have they stopped the 1/3 dying problem or is that still on going?

    Really tempted to get one now.
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    Don't you find it somewhat ironic that DivX announced a partnership with Sony for the PS3 just a few weeks before?

    Microsoft is technically shipping MPEG-4 Part II support. It's compatible with DivX (along with xVID and Nero Digital). MPEG-4 Part II does not support "enhanced features" from DivX, Inc such as menu support, etc.

    But most people could careless if the 360 is "certified" by DivX, Inc or not.

    Great move, Microsoft.
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    Uh... iPhone support? No, not quite.

    It already has the picture functionality when connected. So, the update isn't changing anything for the iPhone.
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    The ipod classic 160gb works anyway ? I was using it earlier ? :confused:
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    Personal, I doubt it was 1/3 of them die, but yes the released a new model with 65nm chips in it......that fixes the problem. Also I think they said they changed something before that(while they were still large, and hotter chips) which was supposed to help.
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    Go to BestBuy, and buy yourself a $40 DVD player that plays Divx. That's what I did. Best $40 I've ever spent.
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    Good, that with Connect360 it's like Apple TV :)
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    Or just buy a $20 TV-out cable for the MacBook.
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    I don't want to have to burn video...its all about Connect360 :)

    I'm sure their customer base will rocket...
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    No idea but I sent mine off for repair and they sent me a brand new one as a replacement. I was pretty chuffed, plus they gave me one months free Xbox Live Gold as well. I don't hate Microsoft quite so much now :).
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    Unless your unit came sealed in a new box with retail packaging, you did not receive a a brand new unit. To my knowledge, all replacement units are refurbished returns.
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    The 360 is really a pretty slick media center. The "blade" based UI is excellent in my opinion, not to mention the gaming experience.

    I now have access to both my recorded TV on windows media center and the iTunes based media on the mac.

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