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xbox is my choice

Discussion in 'Games' started by mattevil, Sep 15, 2002.

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    first of all i never had playstation so i dont care about backwards compatability. second if they stick with it it will be as easy to make games as it is for a pc. finally micro$oft loses on every system they sell so if you rent and dont by their games your taking money away fom micro$oft which is always good.
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    Really? Renting hurts M$? I know a local BlockBuster a town away... :rolleyes:

    If you are into pure racing, I strongly recommend Project Gotham. It's challenging, as games are supposed to be. Also, if you are a hockey fan, pick up NHL 2003 from EA Sports.

    That's another reason I didn't get GameCube. Four years ago, EA signed a contract with Nintendo, basically saying that EA will not support Hockey games for Nintendo. My brother, a HUGE gamer fan, told me about it a while ago. It's truly sad, since they have (IMO) the best Hockey games.

    I played NHL 2002 a few hours ago and I'm still impressed coming out of my 6 or 8 year old Sharp CRT. :D
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    I'm staying with PS2 as my favorite.
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    nothing beats god ol, Gran Turismo 3 and Tokyo-Geneva

    and I'm a huge Tony Hawk fan any version,
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    My revenge...

    If I will ever have enough money to spend just for the fun of it, I will do the following:

    - Get my Camera ready
    - Purchase an XBox
    - Go on the roof at home
    - and throw the box on the street!!
    (of courese with the camera on)

    I´ll publish the video on the net then, and state that Microsoft has made a loss with this. LOL:D :D
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    That sounds absolutely hilarious! I mean, really...I'd love to see someone STUPID enough to waste that kind of money!

    Hey, why don't you just deprive Microsoft the old fashioned way...DON'T BUY IT!

    (And I do get that you were not being serious about that post, but nontheless...)
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    Re: My revenge...

    It would hurt Microsoft more if you just didn't buy it. But if you suddenly inherit a fortune, it wouldn't be a bad thing to do. :D

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