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xbox live through apple express

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by kildafornia, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Hi, my first post here so how y'all doin?

    OK I'm trying to set up a wireless-to-ethernet bridge, that is dsl modem > AEBS 802.11n > (wirelessly) Airport Express > (ethernet cable) xBox

    My mac reads the base station and the express ok, my interweb connection is perfect. Green lights on both. xBox doesn't read it, tells me I am disconnected. Am I doing something wrong, this connection path sounds ok doesn;t it?

    Thanks for looking! :D
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    OK it seems the problem it with 802.11n, but I also have a dual ethernet 802.11g airport lying around (was about to sell it), in theory, will this allow the xBox to connect wirelessly? Any feedback appreciated
  4. cvb
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    Good question. Love to know an answer too...

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    I use Airport Extreme (n) version, xbox 360 connects to internet thru a usb xbox wireless adapter..

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