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Xbox on Imac Pics Request

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by ieani, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Could someone who has their xbox hooked up via the eyetv ez post a screenshot, please? Im curious how the picture quality is. Also, do xbox games play in HD with this set-up? Thanks!
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    surely it would be unplayable because of the delay?
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    The EZ delivers the video uncompressed so there isnt any delay. If you get the eye tv 200 though there would be a delay.
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    I'd like to help you but I've got no eyetv ez.
    Surely you mean the Xbox 360 correct?
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    No, just the regular xbox.
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    The regular Xbox is mainly 480p at the highest for most games, with only some in 720p, but 480p is hardly HD. 480p is progressive and is not a whole lot better than 480i, or standard definition, it's more of an enhanced definition than high definition.

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