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Xbox360 Elite officially announced

Discussion in 'Games' started by fiercetiger224, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Hmm...I'm so glad I waited! Looks like I'll be saving up for one! Now I'll have all three consoles! WOOT! :D

    But really, which would you go with: PS3 with Blu-ray and any kind of hard drive, or a 360 with proprietary hard drive? Personally, I'd go with a PS3.
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    I guess it's time to return my Xbox 360 to costco.
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    I guess I'll be pre-ordering one of these tomorrow since my 360 is still MIA. Gives the cops a month to track it down. If I don't have my old one back by then, I'll grab the Elite.

    Doesn't seem that bad a deal since it comes with an HDMI cable and the new 120 gig HD will retail for $179. The black color will also match most of my electronics (except for the Wii).
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    Haha and everyone thought it would be some kind of big April Fools joke by Game Informer. :rolleyes:

    The problem that I now see with three different SKUs is the fact that ONLY the top model has HDMI. They should have included HDMI in all the newer models. But, I guess I can understand why Microsoft made that decision. It's so that they won't piss off current customers that previously bought a 360. They would have to go the Elite model to get HDMI. Oh well, still very glad I waited. Now some of the triple A titles have dropped in price. :D
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    Revlimit Punk

    The microsoft marketing guy says that the parts will be the same except for the bigger hd and hdmi output... So I guess that means it will still be as noisy and likely to break as the current models.

    And that means I'm keeping my x360 pro.
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    Yeah, hopefully maybe they'll be quieter? I don't think it'd ever be as quiet as a PS3...That 12x drive will never be as quiet as a 2x Blu-ray drive...
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    Revlimit Punk

    From the interview I got the feeling that the inside of the machine will be just the same as the current models.

    Kinda like the black macbook is the same as the white macbook, but with a bigger hard drive.
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    WOW, I really feel like MS have screwed me now, moves like this do not make your fanbase feel too good and it does not strike much confidence in people either. Seems to ms that instead of just making a console and going with it, >S are doing a thing like "See we can do that as well Sony", seems a little childish to me.
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    You know what? It's just Microsoft just trying to turn a profit...I think this may have really been a bad move on Microsoft's part...Having multiple SKUs isn't a great idea either...I think Sony's got some brownie points for moving towards just one SKU, the "elite" 60 GB PS3.

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    Does it have the new 65 nm chipset?
    On temaxbox forum they say it is same parts as in the old units.
    And is the hdmi alone worth to upgrade to the elite from the premium? You can get the 120Gb hdd as a stand-alone accessory.

    And Sony responds: http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/13112/Sony-Responds-to-Xbox-360-Elite-Announcement/
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    Yeah, except they forgot to include HD-DVD. :p

    Microsoft is falling into Sony's little trap: they've got the advantage of making a profit because Sony's got a higher priced console, BUT Sony's also losing money for us consumers. Once everyone realizes that, and adds the prices up for the things the 360 is missing (such as wireless and HD-DVD), man does a PS3 seem like an incredible value. Not only that, the 1.6 update really kicks the PS3 up a notch in functionality. They've also got a greater variety of games coming out...We'll see how this turns out.

    And really, I feel really sorry for the people that bought a 360 only a couple months ago...It's a shame that Microsoft has to be childish. :rolleyes:
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    Smart ass:p Childish was probably the wrong word.

    Also wouldn't Sony Computer Entertainment still be making a profit from PS2 console, software and accessory sales even though they loose money on every PS3?
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    So no new chips or drives... sad. I'm happy woth my premium.
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    Yeah same here and I think the white is better looking too.
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    Cool :), I'm happy that it came out, Its funny that evry body knew it was comeing out before it was officially announced, i whouldent change my current xbox 360 for it just for hdmi and a bigger HDD. I was a little bit angry that they dident enclude the wireless bridge built in. also they could have added a new User interface the current one it horrible :(
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    t3h new xb0x tree60 is teh 1337 roxzorz.
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    Hopefully the premium will come down in price now, if not at retail, then at least second hand as a flood of old 360's come onto the ebay and from the people who simply must have the best of everything.

    Is there anyone who's actually struggled with the current size hard drive? Will I have any use for such a huge hard drive if I don't actually use it as a media centre?

    Anyway, I much prefer the white 360. Though neither are as ugly as the PS3.
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    Oh yeah, and no built in Wifi is just stupid. Those things are so cheap these days that it could only cost them a few more quid to put it in.
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    No HD DVD
    No Wi Fi.

    :mad: :(

    Oh well.
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    Wow, I need to sell mine for other reasons and just sold it before the announcement. Probably would have driven the price of mine used down a bit...glad I got it off. Nothing on this really interests me that much still...kind of underwhelming to me actually...if they packaged some other stuff like free live for a year and other things maybe...but as is no...

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    Really? NO internal Wi-Fi. Wow. W->T->F. :mad:
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    Yey. They've done it right.

    120Gig Standalone, so I can upgrade that (As im not bothered about HDMI) stupid HD content is massive.

    No mention of Europe yet though, oh well.
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    Yup, hope it gets a simultaneous worldwide launch Im sure there will be some news on this topic very soon, I really want to pick up one of those 120gb HD's and a black wireless controller!!

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    It wont be. We'll get it just before xmas.
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    From engadget: "It still doesn't have integrated WiFi (Xbox said it's because a study showed the majority of their customers use Ethernet to connect -- huh?), and it won't have an integrated HD DVD drive (not that we expected otherwise)"

    LOL, no wireless because microsofts market research is flawed:D

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