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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by link92, Jun 3, 2006.

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    Auto-completing a structure like a for loop creates:
    for (<#initial#>; <#condition#>; <#increment#>) {
    How do I change that so it puts the { on a new line, and how do I get from the first block (<#initial#>) to the second block, or can that not be done?
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    There's a keyboard short cut to move to the next placeholder <#---#> On my Mac (Norwegian keyboard) it is ctrl+<. You can find it or set it yourself in the preferences for Xcode.

    As for the { on the next line, I don't know. I like it on the same line.
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    For me it's listed as ^/, but the only ^ on the keyboard is Shift+6, so how are you meant to use it (I know I can change it, but I want to know how you can use a seemingly impossible shortcut)?
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    ^ means ctrl
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    Hmm… Never come across that before, although that's probably more from lack of use of the ctrl key :D
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    It's a UNIX thing, I think.

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