XP RELOADED coming soon to a PC near you!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Dippo, Feb 26, 2004.

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    Well it seems that Microsoft is going to take awhile to finish Longhorn so they are filling in the gap with an updated version of XP.

    Microsoft considering update dubbed 'XP Reloaded'

    I can't wait to buy it. I am sure it will be better than OS X :D
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    i just may have to steal that.

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    I see this sucking terribly, and then everyone says wait 6 months for XP Revolutions! And then it comes out and the die hard fans go and get it only to be disappointed by a terrible overall product with a great battle sequence with a kick ass commander (revamped Solitaire?).
  4. mvc
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    Except at the end of the Microsoft version of Matrix Revolutions, Neo is consumed by the virus "AgentSmith" because of a buffer overrun and is transformed into Clippy. :rolleyes:

    Then they rename it "Matrix Rebooted"
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    Why oh why can´t I help just remembering that terrible Ballmer/Gates Matrix spoof... the movies must have influenced them somehow - seriously. Maybe on his next keynote speech, Ballmer will not do the monkey, instead soar onto the stage in his black leather coat via wirework... :rolleyes: :eek:
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    I think that I will just stick with Windows Server 2003...

    I've had enough of XP with all the unremovable MSN crap.
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    the picture is in my head :D

    the naming: XP Reloaded thing is sad, especially now that the Matrix stuff is kinda old news now
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    Looks like they want to take some attention off Longhorn.

    On a not so relate subjetc, I am the only one who thinks Microsoft's ads are really bad?

    I think they got their slogan wrong: "You're Potential. Our Passion" They should replace that last part by "Our Profit". Do they really expect us to believe that they are "Passionate" about our potential? Right. I'm sure they think about it all the time. Microsfoft! I wave my potentials in your general direction! I'm on a Mac, a platform that lets me exploit my potential without having to struggle with a clumsy interface.

    ...just venting, I had a bad day.
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    XP Reloaded is just a code name.

    It will probably be named something like XP Second Edition.

    Its probably going to be Service Pack 2, only now they'll charge for it.

    I'm glad I got a Mac... at least their paid updates are worth something.
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    Oh heck no! The Microsoft Office ones are just painfully idiotic. If any product would cause me to behave like that in a work environment, I'd stay far, far away from it. Those commercials make it look like they oughta post warning labels about use of Office leading to psychotic fits of euphoric inanity (similar to euphoric insanity, but stupider).

    Excellent quote! but.... eeewwww! Keep your potentials to yourself, young man. :p ;)
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    This is good news since it means Longhorn will be pushed even further away (remember Copland?). Guess they will end up buying Be OS or something to get a decent start... But they should have called it XP REBLOATED or maybe XP KILL BILL.
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    Heck, the faster Microsoft rolls out new version of software to get trashed by virus writers, the faster they lose customer support and confidence! Bring on the updates!!
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    The first thing I thought when I saw this was isn't every copy of windows reloaded? eventually...
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    Sun Baked

    That could be the major new 'fix' and update in this version of Windows.

    An all new GUI for the streamlined reloading process.

    Only one reboot required to reload and add all the service packs and critical updates. (Like that'll ever happen).
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    I am alson glad that I have a Mac. Let the PC world just keep moving on its detour.
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    the only way microsoft could make windows better is to break the binary compatibility with earlier versions, thus making the system unaffected by the billion existing virii out there. i think they were going this way with longhorn, but i guess they will not have the courage; that would mean every single app will need to be recompiled (and likely recoded), thus forcing every organization consider alternatives because of the extra work required anyway. microsoft bought virtual pc, i think they might try emulating present systems in longhorn and keeping the binary compatibility. if they do that, i will likely not ever even touch the system.
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    start your version of photoshop in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
    i think that it would be kind of a "we're going to give you this so we have an excuse to delay longhorn even more." kinda thing.
    with logic inputted into this, i think that it will make sense. but since longhorn won't be out for a while why not?
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    Interim XP before longhorn eh?

    Well I doubt its coming before 10.4 eh?

    Ah well...

    IMHO people are gonna get confused if there is 'Xp service pack 2' and 'XP Second Edition'...
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    Like Windows ME (Millennium Edition) & Windows 2000 weren't confusing enough :confused:
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    Maybe they will rename it, after all with mad cow disease on the rise how many people will want to buy a longhorn. Particularly one from mad cow central :D
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    Wow, some of you have some serious issues with microsoft.
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    I thought a few of the posts quite funny, especially the one about the cow. :D

    Anyway, I wont be getting XP Reloaded since I will be buying Windows XP64 for my PC, next, unless XP Reloaded is XP64.
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    just like the matrix: reloaded

    Considering the public opinion of Matrix: Reloaded,with any luck people will just associate XP: Reloaded as bloated and sh*tty.
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    I don't have any real issues with Microsoft but the software they put out is always crap.

    The release of Windows Reloaded reminds me of the release of Windows ME, and we all know how terrible that was.
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    I do not think Windows XP is crap.

    This just reminds me of windows 98se.

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