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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by SDAVE, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Back in the day I converted many of my legal DVDs to Xvid due to it's popularity and file sizes...I have a huge collection of DVD Rips and would like to move them to H264 since my ecosystem is Apple now, including Apple TVs, iOS devices, etc.

    I understand that recompression loses quality, however, I don't mind that if it's not too much. Also a lot of the rips have AC3 tracks so I have to deal with that as well (Convert to AAC 5.1?)

    So in other words, I'd like to set up a nice custom conversion setting for all the DVDrips and just batch convert all of them. What's a good application to do that?


    PS I also have a Windows machine here somewhere that I could use if needed.
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    Handbrake will do the job, batch queue and all. Load up the XVIDs and let her fly...It will take care of adding an AAC track. You will lose a bit of quality, as you are taking a lossy source and encoding it yet again. Try a few and see if you are happy with the results - I suspect you will be.
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    Thanks for that. I was trying AVIDemux it actually does a pretty decent job (Windows) with 2pass, though it takes a while on that older PC. I don't mind that. I don't want my Mac to take up the encoding time since I'm always on the move.

    It even converts AC3 to AAC5.1 no issues. However, it seems that it won't play the audio if I use QuickTime, but VLC, audio and video are in sync.

    Anyone familiar with AVIDemux? Want to stick with it because a lot of my DVDrips that I did were split in 2 files since back in the day I couldn't afford DVD's and would burn them to CDRs.
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    So after some tests, I came to this conclusion. This might come in handy as well:

    Just use AVIDemux to join 2 XVIDS into 1 (using Copy settings, so they're a single file) then set up a nice preset for 5.1 AC3 and Stereo AAC for in Handbrake and let it batch convert.

    So movies that I converted and kept the 5.1 AC3, I add it as a secondary track and the first track is a 256KB AAC so it's compatible with iPhones, etc. The 5.1 is for the Apple TV and my home theater system.

    Now waiting for the PC to complete the encoding of over 500 files :D
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    Compressing from a lossy format to another lossy is not ideal. IF you are going to transcode, you might as well start with the original source and convert to H.264/AAC/AC3.

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