Yahoo Debuts Video Content App 'Yahoo Screen', Partners With Viacom

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    Yahoo today announced a new Yahoo Screen app, designed to function as a hub for all of Yahoo's media content. In the app, which features gesture-based controls that turn a finger into a remote control, users can browse through trending show clips or search for episodes.

    When watching a show, swiping left or right will skip between episodes and a swipe up or down changes the channel. To kick things off, Yahoo has inked a deal with Viacom to offer clips from Comedy Central shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, along with content from Saturday Night Live. Full shows, like Ghost Ghirls and Losing It With John Stamos are also available.

    Yahoo Screen is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Yahoo Debuts Video Content App 'Yahoo Screen', Partners With Viacom
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    Interesting. Hopefully it works better than the video content to
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    Could by why shares have increased :) looking bright for Yahoo :)
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    Desperately trying anything. But this format of highlights from diverse sources looks like a very good idea.
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    Very interesting app. Loving the content so far.
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    Yahoo's been making some pretty good apps lately...
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    I'd love to see Apple and Yahoo's relationship grow even stronger. I like the moves Marrissa Mayer has been making.
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    Yahoo is the apple of search engines.
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    Not available to download outside north america :(
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    I don't know why but apps of mostly highlight videos/clips just don't cut it for me. Not interested.
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    no one will use that. waste of time.
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    Must give them a try. Been using Google mostly.
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    Yet, it comes in all languages. :rolleyes:
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    Jony and Melissa have jumped in bed?
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    Can we get some support for iOS 5? Other Yahoo! apps have it...
    Still on the iPad 1.
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    meh, doesn't seem to be available in Apple Canada appstore.
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    Greeeaaat.... More clips and highlights.

    Again, for the fiftieth time: give me Ad-Supported shows in their entirety please! (Of shows I actually want to watch!)

    I'm not subscribing to Hulu and if I want clips I can go to YouTube.

    The WatchABC app is almost perfect; if only it was on AppleTV or you could AirPlay it...

    Why is this so hard for these guys to figure out?

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