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Yahoo! doubles the price of music service

Discussion in 'iPod' started by nichos, Oct 27, 2005.

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    So if you were locked in with the subscription, you'd either have to give up your music, or pay the extra fee.
    link to article
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    Sky Blue

    hahah! I wish i knew someone who was using that service. I would laugh at them very hard.
    A prime example of why subscription services suck.
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    wait a sec..
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    Anyway. It's still cheaper than Apple's subscription service.
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    But you renting it?! (the music)
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    Are you searching for a previous thread? I've looked. It might be one of the MacByte articles.

    Basically, it's a bait and switch. :D
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    Haha, my instant reaction was 'Repost!' but when I went back and found previous threads, they linked to different articles... so I thought I'd just let this go. But apparently soooome of you can't let me just back down. :eek:
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    I feel like Yahoo is doing a great job advertising the merits of purchased music vs. a subscription model. I mean, I get scared every time Apple updates the iTMS agreement and I have to agree to it to keep using iTunes, but I continue to own the music. It would seriously suck to get priced out of your subscription and lose access to everything..... :(
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    Sun Baked

    Basically like cable television, the evil circle where there only way to show increasing profits is to raise prices -- because their number of users aren't growing fast enough. :p

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