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Yahoo Introduces Livestand for iPad, a Flipboard-Like "Living Magazine"

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Yahoo has launched an iPad app they call a "living magazine". The app, called Livestand, is vaguely like Flipboard, but pulls content from Yahoo websites and more than 100 publications.


    Livestand for iPad is a free download from the App Store.

    Article Link: Yahoo Introduces Livestand for iPad, a Flipboard-Like "Living Magazine"
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    This product was much-delayed and, well, it's Yahoo. I fully expect the focus to be on generating maximum internal clicks and ad revenue than on satisfied customers and usability. Yahoo designs by committee (with more committees stacked on top) and usually ends up with a lowest common denominator product that caters to advertisers.
  3. cvaldes, Nov 2, 2011
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    Where are you seeing the ads in this app?

    Or are you just making frivolous, erroneous comments without actually having used it?

    That doesn't mean Yahoo! can't add advertising later, but I'm not seeing it now. Pretty clean, understated presentation of articles.
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    Not available for Turkish App Store.

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    Customers? It's a free app so we're talking about users, not customers. If you don't like Yahoo, just say so....
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    I don't like Yahoo.
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    First magazines... and next I'll be able to use a live google earth to see myself from the sky!
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    There you go!
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    Yahoo still exists?!?!?!!??!?
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    Yes, and still profitable, making $0.82 EPS last quarter off of $5.19 billion in revenue. What did your employer do?
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    I like Yahoo for their web portal.
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    Been using app for about an hour now.
    I am unimpressed with the speed, the transitions are lacking, the UI obnoxious and the selection sparse. Overall a pretty mediocre app. Use Flipboard instead.
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    I might give it a try tonight. I do like Flipboard (even if these apps are just a fancy shell for stories posted on other sites).
  14. stevenshizzle, Nov 3, 2011
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    Try Editions

    I enjoy Editions app. It's very straightforward, has a classic feel to it, and bends to your will. There are some neat 3D advertisements (because what's a magazine without an advertisement) from BMW and AutoCAD that are pretty darn cool.

    I liked Flipboard for a while, but I am anti-twitter, so I dumped it.
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    another positive for the ipad.

    Not sure why people choose negative remarks. Crazy
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    Oh Yahoo!!! I look forward to reading all about what some pop star wore out to a dance club last night. Or precious footage of somebody hitting a baseball really far.

    Yahoo used to be google. Then it turned into a dysfunctional clusterbang. Then its ragged carcass was picked apart by MS and a few other piranhas. What was left markets trash to 12 year old girls and bored housewives.

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    I agree 100%. The UI on that is horrible. Deleted it and went back to using flipboard and zite.

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