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Yahoo! Releases iPhone App, Posts Video Preview of Messenger

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Yahoo! has released a dedicated iPhone application [App Store, Free], as well as a new Yahoo! Mobile site for use by other Internet-enabled mobile phones, providing integrated access to a number of Internet features.
    Yahoo! has also posted a video preview of their upcoming Yahoo! Messenger application for the iPhone.

    Article Link: Yahoo! Releases iPhone App, Posts Video Preview of Messenger
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    I'll stick with google. thanks.
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    Buggy on 3.0b2.

    On 2.2.1 its seems very fluid far. Nice app. Working to see how much you can do within this one app, which is its purpose and value.

    Update: Animation and features are great, but it still crashed after adding a few things.
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    From the video, the chat seems fairly good (although I really never use Yahoo's IM anymore -- too many IM spambots and weirdos). In the absence of push updates, the idle feature is nice, also.
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    Yahoo! has 3 iPhone apps with similar functionalities, oneConnect, Inquisitor, and this generic Yahoo! app.

    Both oneConnect and Yahoo! can be used for IM and email, although oneConnect is more optimized implementation of the two. That said, it seems a fourth Yahoo! app demonstrated on the video (Messenger) will put an ax to it.

    Inquisitor and this Yahoo! are both used for search, although Inquisitor does a better job using semi original UI.

    Playing with this app for few minutes, I am not sure what it's supposed to be good at. And I hope Yahoo! isn't wasting resource by dedicating separate teams for each app.
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    I'm putting in my name and password into the app to see my messenger list and it's not accepting it. Yes, I verified it about 4 times to make sure I wasn't typing something wrong. It still didn't work. Reporting the bug to Yahoo after this post.
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    Not available in Australian iTunes store

    What possible reason would there be for not making this available for download in every country's iTunes store?

    That sort of thing really pisses me off. :mad:
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    Legalities probably.
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    Learn M$, learn!
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    Once we get push a YM app will be nice.

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    why do I need to pay for text

    with this app, why would I need to pay for text messaging? the video shows that you can text and receive text messages for free. Or did I miss something?
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    Thank God. The "messenger" in the Yahoo! app is complete garbage.
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    The video says you can toggle between IM and SMS. It says you can send SMS to people's cell phones. Huh? Isn't this in some type of violation of AT&T ? Does it somehow route it through the iPhone SMS functionality and bill you? Do the SMS appear in your normal SMS record/blog ?

    The guy in the video actually says "you can send free text messages to your friends' mobile phones."

    Something tells me it's just a matter of days before AT&T steps in and puts a stop to this.

    Whoa! The video even says the App stays active in the background and you stay signed in!!!
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    There's already other apps that send SMS through the web, you can even do it with AIM.

    About being online in the background. They just mean if you quite the app it keeps your status online anyway like the new AIM does. It's not really background.
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    Considering that Yahoo Messenger is compatible with MSN Messenger, will I be able to use this iPhone client to chat with my MSN network?
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    looks pretty slick for a free app :) good job yahoo!
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    No Fantasy sports

    With as many people as I know who play fantasy football on Yahoo!, it would be nice if the Yahoo! app had that, or if there were a separate app for it. Maybe it will be here in time for the new season...
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    That iPhone Yahoo! Messenger looks awesome. The UI is clean and simple. It looks exactly as I'd want a first-party IM application to look. If it really is like that, they've done a fantastic job.

    Wasn't there some kind of deal struck a few years ago that meant that Yahoo Messenger could talk to MSN contacts and vice versa? Just saying...
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    Now everyone in the world just have to switch to yahoo IM....
    ... or ro MSN....
    ... or ICQ...
    ... or google...
    ... or AOL...
    ... or or, or we all use an open client.
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    very very slow on my wi-fi and the purple is :(
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    There's already one out there, though it's not great. I, too, was hoping there would be an official Yahoo one coming. I'm using it for Fantasy Baseball and it's got pretty much all the functionality you need, it's just slow and buggy. It's a relatively new app, though, so hopefully it will get better.

    I don't have iTunes on the computer I'm on, but search for "Y! Fan" I have the professional version, so I can't comment on the free one.
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    As long as open source (open client) does not compromise security. I don't think you would want the security of your IM conversations to be compromised. ... And this brings up another issue. If I send an SMS (text) from the Yahoo client it is no longer secure. If I send an SMS through AT&T's network, it goes from my phone to AT&T and then to my friend's phone. If I send the SMS through Yahoo, it goes to the Yahoo server (the internet) before being rerouted to AT&T's internet server and then to my friend's phone. What if I'm sending personal info to one of my best friends? It's no longer secure.
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    Gawd, can that thing have anymore bugs? I'm ready to get the RAID out (I'm talkin' the whole case). Still can't sign in on my iPhone and no connect, no featured, no My Interests Page, no More Page, and Y!News sometimes works, but I can sign in on my MBP and my Mac Pro. Limited as to what this app can do; where's my Fantasy Sports categories? OK, it's taken two days to sign in, but it happened. I don't think it's quite ready and it's way late......:(:(:(:(:(:(
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    Very buggy, it'll be interesting to see how soon they send out an update.

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