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Yahoo Updates Fantasy Football iOS App With Mobile Drafting

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Yahoo has updated the iOS app for its incredible popular Fantasy Football product for the 2013 NFL season with mobile drafting, a much-requested feature. Before, fantasy team owners were required to use a full-sized computer to conduct a fantasy draft, while now players will be able to draft from wherever they are.
    Players can follow their team with live scoring, roster management, breaking news, message boards and more. Other new additions to the app for this year include notifications and mock drafts.

    The 2013 NFL season opens Thursday, September 5 with the Baltimore Ravens playing the Broncos in Denver.

    Yahoo! Fantasy Football is a free download for the iPhone and iPad. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Yahoo Updates Fantasy Football iOS App With Mobile Drafting
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    This is not Football.
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    If it is anything like the last few Yahoo fantasy football apps, you might want to have a computer on standby.
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    Still not better sadly then the ESPN app but a good start and a needed improvement
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    gooooooa... oh wait
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    ESPN's app looks way better than this.

    Why is anybody doing anything sports-related on yahoo anyway?
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    because of the weather app?

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    Have you played FF on yahoo? it's the best one available..
    I like the fractional points (no ties), and CBS seems clunky to me..

    i've not used NFL.com's FF interface though..

    Finally, mobile drafting!
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    Fantasy Football: DnD for Jocks
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    absolutely....ESPN and CBS FF in no way compare to Yahoo's FF setup.
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    What are you talking about?! It's played with hands and a non-spherical ¿ball?, so of course it's FootBall.

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    Because as far as sports (and in particular fantasy sports) are concerned, Yahoo! is actually in the lead.
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    Thanks to their purchase of bignoggins "fantasy monster". He's a great dev wish him well at yahoo
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    My league used to be on Yahoo a few years ago...but we switched over to FleaFlicker.com and never looked back. FleaFlicker has so many more customization options and they just recently revamped their website and mobile version of their site. Check it out! :)
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    Kinda looks like its redesigned for ios7
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    Seen Yahoo's Weather app that came months before iOS7?

    More like iOS7 is redesigned to follow Yahoo's lead.
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    Yahoo's FF is legit, but the mobile apps have all been hit or miss (except the iPad's.....that app is absolutely glorious).

    Glad to see mobile drafting in this year's app! Though I'll likely still head down to the B-Dubs with my laptop and draft with the group :cool:
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    nope, ESPN has a much better app.
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    So HandBladder it is then.

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