Yahoo! Widget Engine 3.0 (formerly Konfabulator) for Panther...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 13, 2005.

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    and it's FREE! (first post) Glad to see apple didnt run this lil company out of business.
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    Ok, where are the guinea pigs to tell us how this stacks up against Dashboard?
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    New Yahoo Widgets are definitely usable, not the resource hogs they used to be before. I am using it at my work Windows machine. Still, I have 2 widgets open (weather and clock) and they take 20MB RAM!

    As for Yahoo Widgets on Mac, I will continue using Dashboard on Tiger. Not that Dashboard is so much better but it's just there already so why switch.
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    What a [bleeped] up name. :( I want Konfabulator back.
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    They've definitely got the Apple look going on that site! Some pages even use the Dashboard grid-of-holes thing. And the Dashboard-style round-cornered-square-plaque icons. And many other OS X-style UI elements (since of course many of the widgets were designed to blend with OS X before they were Windows-compatible).
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    I've been using Konfabulator before I got Dashboard, and just because it sits right on my desktop, I use it much more often. I like being able to see the weather without doing anything (I know, it's just a click but "Out of sight, out of mind"). I also like using the random photos that stay in view. There are several widgets that just wouldn't be useful if I had to open the Dashboard to see it. It works really well, and I'll definitely keep using it.
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    ... or take a look at ArsTechnica's review of Konfabulator 3.0 on its own. Basically: it tries to install Yahoo software, it adds a few default widgets that interface with other Yahoo portals, and not much else to merit a 3.0 designation. In fact, it probably shouldn't have that designation at all.
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    Chef Medeski

    I swore I saw an iCal icon on the site, too.

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