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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by XnavxeMiyyep, Jul 15, 2003.

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    I was bored today, and decided I would download and install Yellow Dog Linux. However, before I do that, has anyone else done it before? I want to know if it is safe or if it will delete all of my other files.
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    You'll have to manually partiton your drive first.
    When installing YDL the installer will ask you how to install. YDL installs on an Ext2 or 3 filesystem, so you'll have to "assign" a partition first (between 4 - 10 GB's should do).
    Linux also requires a "swap space". This is a pice of HD assigned for Virtual Memory.
    Also included is yaboot (a loader so you can choose which OS to boot from)....

    I have an iBook 600 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 20 GB disk, with OS X and YDL 3.0.
    HD partitioned as follows (in correct order):

    6 GB Linux: (3 partitions)
    -32 MB "Yaboot" (loader)
    -256 MB "swap space" (VM)
    -5.5 GB "/" (Ext3 filesystem = root, space to install Linux)

    6 GB Mac OS X:
    -6 GB HFS+

    6 GB Data
    -6 GB HFS+

    I install the 32 MB loader (yaboot) on the FIRST partition of the drive, so that PRAM reset is sufficient to tell the Firmware to use this loader as the startup disk :)

    Install Mac OS X, using the startup CD's Disk Utility to create the partitions first, reserving the FIRST 6 (or so) GB's for Linux. Just format it as Mac OS Extended (HFS+), as the Linux installer will reformat that volume.
    Install Mac OS X on the SECOND partition.
    Once finished with that, install YDL using the FIRST partition to create the loader's space FIRST, the SWAP second, leaving the rest of your predefined Linux space for the 'root' (/). Install Linux on that, and let the installer guide you.
    Have fun.
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    If I partion, will it delete my files?
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    Yes, it will.
    Maybe you could get a copy of FWB's Partition Toolkit to "rearrange" your partitions, without deleting the files on it.
    Otherwise, partitioning means also installing new filesystems on the drive, thus erasing the entire contents....
    Or maybe you have an unused 4 GB (or more) partition on your drive?
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    I may be getting a new hard drive soon. Could I partition that, and leave my current one alone?
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    Yes. But I'm not sure about booting Linux from the second drive. I think it'd be possible (holding Option at boot?), but I haven't worked with multiple drives since my PC days :(
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    It should work.
    But if you want to use the yaboot loader, you should make your new drive (the one you would install YDL on) the Master, and your current drive the Slave. (Or if you use Cable select, put the new one on the end of the cable).
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    Currently, I have OS 9 on one partition and OS X on another with OS 9 in the partition "earlier" or "higher" in the drive hierarchy. With my start-up disk set to OS X, I can start up in OS 9 by holding down the D key during start-up (looks for first OS and uses it).

    Haven't used OS 9 in maybe six months and thought about adding YDL instead as an experiment.

    Any reason to think that this structure wouldn't work the same way?
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    Putting the Linux loader on the first (or highest) partiton available makes life alot easier. Not necessary, as you can allways "set" the preferred startup drive in the Open Firware settings.
    Holding "D" should work, as the yaboot loader is recognized by the Open Firmware. (you'll see the Linux penguin if you startup with the <OPTION> key).

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