Yelp Updated With 'Nearby' Recommendations Based on Location, Weather and More

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Yelp today announced an update to their iOS app that redesigns the Nearby tab so it displays recommendations based on location, previous check-ins and more.
    On their blog Yelp shares a potential use case for the new feature, noting that checking the Nearby tab at lunch could have the app recommend a place nearby that has good lunch options or a place where lots of Yelpers have recently checked in and enjoyed.

    The app also sees its Events also get a redesign, with the most popular events also getting a slot in the Nearby tab so users can keep up with local events.

    Yelp is a universal update that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Yelp Updated With 'Nearby' Recommendations Based on Location, Weather and More
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    yelp sucks, not easy to use on the go at all. This was the only disappointment in today's WWDC keynote, that they didn't buy's 1000 percent better than yelp, and foursquare has better, more up-to-date data on their places. I just think foursquare would be a better fit for apple, and I'm still hoping they will buy or include foursquare instead of (or in addition to) yelp with new ios7/OS X maps.
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    Yelp is a racket. Don't pay, they will make fake ratings about you. It's a fact.
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    This is great! love love love the App and company. Great update by the Yelp team
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    Harsh words on Yelp! I've never had a serious issue, maybe a couple of places with incorrect info. I like the idea of contextual suggestions, but hope it doesn't get too focused, just showing things with the proper keywords or whatever.
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    That is because you are in NYC, which (like here in SF) has a whole different yelp experience when compared to "other" areas of the country...
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    Yelp is great. I'm glad they keep refining the experience.
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    Did anyone else notice that the built-in search engine being used here is Bing? From Microsoft? :)
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    Maybe yelp is ok in nyc or san fran, but, I'm sorry, I tried, when I got my iPhone 5 w/iOS 6, yelp was integrated w/maps...I really tried to get into yelp, but, it really is deficient, if you've already been using foursquare, there just is a canyon between the two...and I came across more than a couple closed locations that were not up to date on yelp, so I gave up on it. Foursquare has a much larger mobile user base, I really would like to see it integrated into maps instead of yelp.
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    yelp never stops, they keep on changing and improving things so that the users to get bored, it's a good thing, the new "nearby recommendations" feature just made it even better.
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    Yelp has the worst, least verified, location data out of any app in the genre. Apple would do well to distance themselves as far as they possibly can from that disaster.

    I mean, what good are "nearby recommendations" if they aren't actually nearby?
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    it's worse than that. Look up almost any business on yelp and read the reviews. Apparently not all the reviews are counted towards the rating.
    This is why you can find mechanics with 5 star ratings that have nothing but complaints.
    Yelp is a scam.
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    Guess I should update that--moved to jersey a while back, but it's still a yelp-friendly area. I got hooked on yelp living in Austin, another tech and food heavy city. I'm about to move to eastern Maryland, but to another college town, it'll be interesting if I have to switch. I've never tried foursquare.
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    I still don't understand why I can't submit reviews from my phone. It's annoying as hell. I get that maybe they want people to step back and think before posting an angry review in the middle of their bad experience, but it's still kinda lame.

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