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Yes, Bluetooth Integrated in New Nano!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Aqua Bliss, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Finally, I can wear wireless headphones when working out and send music to my speakers without using a clunky adapter... !
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    Jessica Lares

    I like Bluetooth, AirPlay would have been cooler though.
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    Wifi would have been welcomed too.
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    Bluetooth was kind of a necessity now that there is NO way to play music from your new nano to any iPod speaker dock...

    (Other than using the line-out, I guess... but that's messy!)
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    I've been saying it was a necessity for the last 2 generations but they didn't do anything about it.... finally they heard our cries.
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    Huh? The new Nano has a Lightning port. Buy a Lightning-to-30-pin adapter and you can plug it into any speaker dock. Or buy a new speaker dock with a Lightning connector (you know they'll make 'em!)
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    Anyone else miss the old nano


    Also what gives no clip one of the things I liked tho most about the nano 6th gen....
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    Orange Furball

    And the watch features.
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    I will miss the nano6G. I figure that I'll replace mine using Apple's $60 replacement battery program.

    If the nano7G is able to utilize the Nike+ footpod, then I may be in the market for one, but I doubt it.
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    I'm worried about that ominous fine print on the Lightning adaptor that says "Video and iPod out not supported".

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