Yes MobileMe is having issues

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by illegalprelude, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Just to have one cingular thread, MobileMe seems to be having issues now. I had no problem when I first installed 4.2.1 and I still dont on my iphone or iPad but on my Mac and PC, MobileMe keeps prompting me for a new a password and says if I didnt change it, I should contact MobileMe support.
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    Yep, same here. Mail even prompted me to put in my password again and that took it, but I still get errors with MobileMe Sync with my password.

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    And the official word

    And the official word from Apple:

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    Antoni Nygaard

    same problem here. it logged me out of my mobileMe from system preferences. and can't log in right now
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    The cure for me ended up just being to wait cause my symptoms seem to be gone for now. I can log back into my control panel...
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    I've always defended MobileMe as being worth the money, because I liked having everything in one spot, and more storage than a (free) Dropbox account. I've never had any major issues, but this has totally screwed me up tonight. When it's "fixed," I wonder if I'll have to sign out and sign back in. I tried that once, and all that did was screw up my local iDisk and then make it spend 3+ hours re-downloading everything.

    I signed up for a Dropbox account now so that I have yet another backup of everything. If this issue persists, I may consider switching away from iDisk...

    (Though I suppose I should be happy that I'm not actually losing data, just makes everything take longer when it isn't working properly).
  8. genshi, Nov 22, 2010
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    I had the same issue and just waited until it resolved itself, but now, as MobileMe syncs it's saying that it has new bookmarks for me to sync with and it's not giving me a choice to merge; I clicked ok and it has now duplicated every one of my Safari bookmarks and bookmark folders! WTF!?

    And I now need to go through each one because the duplicate folders are don't contain all the updated bookmarks, it's as if MobileMe took a saved version of my Bookmarks from months ago and just, threw them all on here for no reason... makes no sense. Never had this issue before.

    EDIT: Correction, it tripled all of my bookmarks and folders! This is insane...
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    That sucks about the triple bookmarks... Good luck. When it "resolved itself," did you have to sign out and back in, or did it just start syncing again?
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    I didn't have to sign out, it just started syncing again on it's own (and that's when the triple bookmarks occurred!)
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    Yeah, I have duplicate bookmark folders. And the dups are empty so it's really weird. It's like mobileme added an older version of my bookmarks to my current ones. Not sure if I should do anything or just wait.

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