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Yes, Some Students Live in the Library (But Not Like This)

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wdlove, Apr 27, 2004.

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    In an era when attending college can cost $40,000 a year or more, hardship tales abound. But few match Steve Stanzak's curious story of his last eight months as a homeless sophomore at New York University, sleeping six hours a night in the subbasement of the Bobst Library, showering in the gym or at friends' apartments, doing his homework at a nearby McDonald's and subsisting mostly on bagels and orange juice.

    As he put it on the Internet, where he has spent four or five months recounting his adventure, it was "the tale of a penniless boy and his quest to gain a college education." He said he took refuge in the library after being denied adequate financial aid, and described himself as "a furtive figure amongst dusty stacks of books, below the offices of the elite administrators of the university."

    Could it really be true?

    That is hard to say.

    N.Y.U. officials, when they learned of his Web site (homelessatnyu.com/home.php) last week and read his online diary, quickly invited him in for a conversation and then gave him a free room in one of their residence halls for the rest of the semester.

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    question fear

    i read this article this morning.
    the part that was really weird was the NYU official who's excited about this kid...something about people filming live sex acts, something else "funky", and the resourcefulness of this kid.
    i realize they want a distinct image but exploiting students just seems like a ****ty way to do it.
    otoh, im glad the publicity has this kid housed.
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    gimme a break... i don't really understand how this is news...
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    Is the site down?

    Is this link working for any of you? I'm getting a host not found error.
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    I'm considering sleeping on the School President's front lawn or porch or something once my scholarships run out...
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    Screw them, what about all the people who can't afford to go the college period. Compared the them, this kid had it EASY.

    My wife has been trying to get financial aid to get into Lenoir Rhyne college which is within 10 miles of our home. She has the knowledge, and the grades to get in, but not the money. Every time she applies for financial aid, she goes in for the interview, they see that she is in her forties, is married, and has a child, and then they basically tell her to fu*k off.

    Now incase your wondering why she didn't go to college when I did, it is because she had to flip burgers at hardees for four years to help me pay for my education. Now that she has the time, and our son is old enough to be alone at our house by himself, we just can't afford it, and thats a frekin shame.

    So all you kid's that whine about how hard and stressful college is, sit back for a moment and consider yourself extremely lucky that you or your parents are in a financial situation to be able to provide an education to you, because a LOT of people can't. Be grateful that you can afford to be stressed to the max, because for every one of you that wines about how stressful it is, their are ten people that wish they could afford to have their mind challenged.

    PS, back when I was in school, they did not give scholarships or grants to hippies. In 1979 when I tried to apply for a loan/grant, the financial office at NC state had a sigh on the door that read, "Men with long hair or women with body hair need not apply" Today we call that discrimination, but back then they called it purifying the student body.
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    Your probably are going to have to take out some loans because I don't know of anyone who got scholarships or stuff unless they were right out of high school.
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    easy killer, this was the point i was making. i dont know why this nutbag is getting any kind of attention or preferential treatment at all. i am at school on scholarships that i earned with my grades and student loans that i took out myself. i think someone ought to set that loser up with an appointment at citibank... :rolleyes:
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    Ummm... the rest of the semester... what is that, like two weeks? It's not like this guy got a free ride for the whole school year. Sounds like a sensible way to resolve the problem. Then they can deal with the larger problem next semester.

    BTW, some students did this at the University of Chicago 15 years ago when I was a student there. However, they still had apartments--it was more like, well, we're in the library studying until it closes anyway, so wouldn't it be more convenient if we could crash in the sub-basement stacks here instead of walking home in the -20 degree Chicago winter? I think when they were caught, instead of being given free dorm rooms, they were suspended for a semester. Chicago has since built new dorms immediately adjacent to Regenstein Library--ultra nerd convenience!
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    That's a little harsh just for sleeping in the library.
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    There were a couple students I knew who lived in the design labs when I was in school. Of course, we had keys to the rooms and the gym showers weren't far away. Lot's of the rooms had couches, and if they didn't you could always bring one in. Then just add a refrigerator and a hot plate, and you're living good. Well it's not reall good, your room is a communal studio for 20 people, but hey... It's free!
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    Well this is the /. affect in motion.

    NYT posts article about this website.
    Hits 1
    People real NYT article and post them on forums
    Hits 2,3,4,5,6
    People like the site and sent it to friends
    Hits 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18+

    This site got owned.

    I've seen a few secret places in my own highschool that are never used...

    Like anyone but the astrology club uses the astrology room. :rolleyes:
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    Humm....I think I might have to give this a try.
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    $ host homelessatnyu.com
    Host homelessatnyu.com not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
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    uh oh...

    thumbs up for this fella..:p

    lucky to live in finland.. no need to live in a library :)
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    Oh yeah he got owned big time.

    I mean now his bandwidth is owned, but before it was his total server.

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    this is completely true, but I dont think it's isolated. I have a friend that's friends with someone who did this, but I knew about it 2 years ago. this kid probably got the idea when he was a freshman after hearing about the Other guy.

    and the other one wasnt the first, I have friends who graduated 10 years ago and people were doing this at NYU then too....they just werent publicity whores. good for him getting free housing though. NYU Housing is pure evil and love to screw students anyway they can. they're the thing I wont miss the most when I move out for good in 2.5 weeks.

    and NYU is stingy as hell with financial aid...most of us just owe a ton of $ to citibank now :mad: :(

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