yes, YOU decide my 17" PB fate

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by cyberone, Nov 2, 2005.

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    yes, I'm still hesitating of buying the 17", even more after some negative deliberations in here and the total lack of enthusiastic praise of the new 17".

    but now destiny has to be sealed. my days are spent in front of the screen since many years (I love my job).

    I want to see a new screen, a new interface, plunge into something new.

    YOU tell me therefore, if you bought the new PB 17":

    worth it?

    YOU tell me therefore, if you bought the new PB 17" and are unhappy with it:

    why to wait for the mactel notebooks?

    many tks in advance, tomorrow will either be christmas other another simple windows day -
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    I would advise against waiting for the Intel Mac, its best to wait for Rev. B.

    If you can afford the 17" PowerBook, then I would say go ahead. The larger and better screen be nice. Why wait, just take the plunge and leave the world of Windows.
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    Oh, I thought I was deciding the fate of your existing 17" PB.

    In which case I was going to vote for "ship it to me."
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    I don't know about the screen flicker in the new ones but my Rev. D 17" is the best computer I've ever owned, period.
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    i am using a rev. e 17" right now and it is awesome. the only exception is a dead pixel and a misaligned screen. apple has sent me a replacement which will arrive on friday. i am hoping it is in better condition than this one which i am sending back. *fingers crossed*
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    Same here (15" model though). :)
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    The 17 is TOTALLY worth it. No regrets. Zero... This thing is HOT :cool:
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    i'll tell you if it was worth it when i get home from work tonight and get to open the nice present for me sitting at my desk :D
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    let us know if you have any dead pixels.
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    K, here's the lowdown.

    Some depends on portability, some depends on asthetics (if you are sensitive to design issues) and some depends on convenience. (all among other things of course)

    The 17" are nice,... but - I'd personally get a 15" (more easily ported around and used in smaller areas) and for the price difference get an external second monitor to dock it with at home (either mirrored or 2nd display) that way you'll have far more real estate than the 17" for the same cost, with better portability as well.

    My design beef with the 17" is that there is a lot of wasted space where they could have put an elegant number keypad and the whole surface would have looked a lot more balanced. The way it stands, it just looks/feels awkward. But then again, i'm a designer as well.

    In all honesty (and I have a 15") the 12" is the most well proportioned, best designed laptop out there.

    So there you go. Hope that gives you some more to think about. Let me know which way you end up going.
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    nope, not a single one dead or stuck :D

    i do however have a dead ac adapter :rolleyes:

    but this thing is fricken great, i mean, i can't even describe it...

    GET IT!

    oh, and to anyone saying it isn't portable enough, have you tried putting it in your lap, or closing the lid and walking around with it a little?

    it fits PERFECTLY in my lap, and im not excately big either (5'6" 130lbs). unlike smaller notebooks, i don't have to squeeze my legs together to get it on there, if fits perfectely with my legs in their naturally relaxed position. and it most certainly isn't to big or heavy to carry around easily ;)
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    IwantIwantIwant - but seems though one has to wait for Rev. B of Rev. E. ...
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    don't be swayed by my problem, it's a dead ac adapter, no rev will change that, i just got a dud, and i already have a new one in the mail. like i said, the powerbook itself is PERFECT ;)
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    I wouldn't be buying any powerbooks right now. They are plagued with horrible screens and they are just not worth the money. It is sad but true :(
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    i seem to have evedence to the contrary ;)

    remember the old saying, you never hear about the planes that DO land?
    the percentage of flawed powerbooks is much less then one may think just from browsing the macrumors forums ;)
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    what about speed differences between your two machines, the PB and the Pentium 4?
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    I so dearly hope you are right. I'm going to an Apple store tomorrow regarding a 15" with a terrible screen. I am going to see if I can find one that has a good screen. The screen on the one going back is very dim at the top and has the horizontal line issue. So sad :(
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    Go for it! I wish I went for the 17'' to me its just as portable as the 15''. My next computer will definately be a 17'' PB. :D
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    The 17 is not the most "portable" of the line, but I love my PB. After 3+ years, it's still running strong, and never skipped a beat. My co-workers seem to replace their Dell laptops every 6-18 months, cause they die. The PB is very durable, I droped mine from almost 4', with no noticeable problems. Get the 17" all the way.
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    I have a Rev. A 17" powerbook and still love it to this day.

    If you want to go to Mac, and you want a beautiful laptop, then don't hesitate.

    Waiting for Rev macs, blah blah blah blah, it gets so old. It's more fun to just get a mac and love every minute of it. Especially if it's your first one.

    Go for it!
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    No offence, but as a designer too, owner of a 15" pb and previous owner of a rev A 12" pb I have to disagree. In my oppinion the 15" is the most well proportioned one. Where there is too much space wasted on the 17" the keyboard of the 12" looks too (don't know the right word now) narrow. The 15 incher is the ideal compromise, a little thinner but not too thin, a little space on each side of the keyboard but not too much.

    my 2 cents...
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    so far, i haven't noticed any :)

    but do note the severe advantage my powerbook has in ram.
    unless your into really intensive stuff like video editing, this thing will do anything you need it do, so don't worry about speed, just get lots of ram [​IMG]
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    where to doanload manual?

    tks for all the feedbacks - this thingy gets more and more tempting.

    say: is there a manual of the new 17" PB available online?
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    now that i have been using a 17" pb for over a week, it really doesn't feel as big as it did when i first got it. it really really really isn't all that bad. i am loving it more and more!!!!!!!
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    It is hot, really great if You need to cook up some eggs in class.

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