Yesterday's upgrade broke Safari, keychain, etc...

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by aaronvan, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Fix it, Apple. :mad:
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    which upgrade exactly?
  3. aaronvan, Nov 9, 2012
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    It was a smallish (127.07MB according to Apple) upgrade (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2.0.) Since I upgraded, Safari isn't rendering the StumbleUpon bar properly and it repeatedly freezes ("not responding") so I force quit. Also, keychain repeatedly asks for the system password. Could be unrelated but they all correlate with the upgrade.

    Apple info:
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    Now Reeder...

    Reeder just crashed. Reeder never crashes.

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  5. halledise, Nov 9, 2012
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    hmm, puzzling.
    I vaguely seem to remember seeing that update come through with the others yesterday when I was rebuilding my rMBP, but it all works fine for me - which isn't a lot of help to you I know.

    and I don't suppose repairing permissions or resetting the nvram would fix it on yours?

    I had an issue on the wife's Air recently, started up from Recovery Disk on a usb stick and repaired permissions from there.
    restarted as per normal and everything's been fine since
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    After repairing permissions and resetting my NVRAM/ change to Safari at least. It's still rendering the StumbleUpon bar incorrectly (see attached.)

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    Better view of the StumbleUpon bar...

    Here's a better look...

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    sometimes repairing permissions internally - i.e. Disk Utility on your Mac - is not as effective as performing the procedure from an external source.

    drastic solution - back up; erase and clean install, update everything then add Apps and finally pull your data across manually.
    fail-safe but a tad extreme.

    I'm sure someone else will come up with a simpler, effective solution for you - in fact I'm surprised no one else has weighed in as yet.

    you're out of 90 day free Apple phone support I presume?
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    Just reboot!

    I had the same problem right after the firmware update on my MBP 15" Retina, Safari was hanging and asking for Keychain access - Mail was stuck too, incapable of accessing mailboxes.

    When I saw this post I got nervous ... reinstalling!?
    I just simply rebooted the machine... it's all good now - very simple fix!
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    I think the OP has already tried that :cool:

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